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Comment Re:Bias? Or reality? (Score 1) 444

"Potential" or innate ability from what I've seen are directly correlated to home environment / parental involvement. It isn't something you can "fix" in school though very early pre-school might help a bit For example I have someone in my family with 4 kids. He is an extremely smart guy but paid zero attention to the them. Those kids could barely talk at 6 and 7 years old... they just hadn't developed as well as the others in the family. If you come from a disadvantaged family then you will be significantly less likely to do well in life or score well on intelligence tests meaning you are likely less intelligent.

I agree with the op. The only bias here seems to be the reality that poor families are more often subpar environments to grow up in and likely fail to nurture intelligent children by a very statistically significant margin. Seems to me they should probably have chosen someone more intelligent themselves to evaluate the program...

Comment Eh (Score 1) 213

Maybe I'm getting old but yeah.. "eh". The big bottlenecks for me are always RAM and storage IO. I don't really care these days about CPU performance for phones other than for battery numbers. It isn't even like Apple is pushing any sort of cool VR solution that could justify some technolust over CPU specs.

Comment Re:The solution for this already exists. (Score 1) 1291

I don't buy that. It is all about putting in a little effort and having a good work ethic. If you have a good work ethic you are more hirable already than 60%-80% of the current work force. There is work for anyone that is willing to do it. Even discarding all corporate jobs, I don't currently pay someone to mow my lawn because to me it isn't worth $30 lost when I can do it myself. If however a person walks up offering to mow the yard for $5-$10 then I will likely pay them. There is always work for people willing to step up.

Comment Re:I shouldn't have to work... (Score 1) 1291

That principle is also in the bible,

Though you can probably find anything you want in the bible I'm going to call for a citation. I remember things like: "If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat." Personally I might feel morally obligated to grant him a quick death but little else.

Comment Let them write it on paper (Score 5, Insightful) 508

Sounds like you either need the school at the administrative level to have a policy that students need to have a cheap laptop (not unreasonable) provided by school or parents or you need to let your english students use their pencils and papers. I would think that reasonably legible handwriting would be a good skill to have and if they are going to learn that anywhere it is in english class.

Comment Take over a small southern town (Score 4, Funny) 842

Buy every industry in said town. Give loans to desperate people that you know they can't pay back. Buy up all the politicians and the realestate. Become sheriff because that is where the real local power is. Make subtle changes to the town and architecture giving everything a creepy southern gothic kind of feel. Slowly tighten your grip year after year. Ah, it would be heaven.

Comment Re:Food is not at fault - the lack of self control (Score 1) 663

Food is primarily the problem. Empty calories that end up making you just want to eat more empty calories are indefensible. Modern food is typically a simple carb or protein (processed chicken breast in some form) with some compounds added back in to make them palatable.

Comment Re:Yeah, be a man! (Score 1) 608

Russia does targetted killings in other first world countries and we do wetworks in places you wouldn't believe as well. However I still agree that assassinating a high profile US citizen isn't something the the intelligence community or the executive would put in the "good ideas" column.

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