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Why does NYPD hate young ethnic people so much?

On the job training. If the human brain does one thing well it is pattern recognition. Unfortunately 45% of blacks live at or below poverty and it isn't middle or upper middle class people commiting most of the crime. When 80% or more of the crimes you are dealing are commited by people of a certain skin color, dressed a certain way, speaking in a similar way... you learn to associate this category of person as a danger and even eventually with all the crap you deal with day in and day out as degenerate or less of a person than you.

I would imagine that even the best of people would tend to come out of a tough police precinct as 'racist' to one degree or another regardless of their intentions or the type of person they were when entering. It would be something you would have to constantly guard against. It is a depressing problem to consider. I'm not sure how you would even combat this. Mandatory participation in things like the big brother program for the neighborhoods you police? Other community involvement while off duty?

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by butchersong (#48302793) Attached to: In this year's US mid-term elections ...
Obviously the least amount of government necessary to achieve an end is the most desirable for any particular problem. There are any number of quotes going to back to the revolution (see thomas paine, jefferson etc) that reflect this attitude of government being at best a necessary evil (basically a reflection of the failings of man) and I don't think any one on either side of the aisle could effectively argue against this. The only argument would be what the least amount of intrusion is that is necessary.

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Why do you think someone isn't contagious prior to showing symptoms? They are obviously much less contagious simply because of the amount of the virus in their bodily fluids but the virus doesn't go through a warm and fuzzy stage before it goes to work. It is less likely to cause infection (due to virus numbers) not impossible.

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If you're poor imo the last thing you should want to do is go to the city. At least in rural areas you can grow a garden and have some chickens. I come from eastern kentucky. I know poor. Why the hell people would want to live in the city in a 20 story building with no way other than employement that they can't get or handouts they end up having to take instead of the country is beyond me. Hell you don't even need a yard yourself in a rural area you can get almost all your veggies by picking 'weeds' and you can always go fishing at one of the local watering holes.

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If you're working day in and day out with ebola under chaotic often difficult to control conditions then you decide to travel home before say quarantining yourself for 2 weeks in your room before travel this is in my book very reckless. There is a difference between being well intentioned and being heroic. A person that carelessly knocks someone into traffic while chasing a purse snatcher is not a hero.

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I wish people wouldn't keep saying this. It is not virtually impossible to catch before someone becomes symptomatic. From what I gather it is only that the virual load of the individual is much much higher in later stages. The virus is still very more often than not for example detectable in sweat before symptoms set it. It's like telling someone that is allergic to bees not to worry about a few flying around in the bus with them because it's so unlikely they will be stung.. it is a perfectly reasonable concern no matter now many statistics you could cite about how often a bee encounter results in a sting.

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by butchersong (#48212663) Attached to: The Inevitable Death of the Internet Troll
You need to adjust the standards of the group as a whole not the behavior of the individual troll. The problem most often isn't the troll it's the others that either view the material or egg them on instead of flocking to surround the victim and protect them. This is the opposite of the way people behave in real life (with some exceptions) and it could be that all that is needed is time for such standards of behavior to become the norm for online activities as well.

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So if your boss and your bosses bosses are acting in ways that you deem inapropriate and in violation of their duties to the citizens of the UK you're better off killling them now than exposing them. You might get off in just a few years.

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There is a qualified interim surgeon general -much more qualfied than the Czar that was appointed. The surgeon general that has been nominated is a guy with no real qualification to be surgeon general. He's a smart guy sure and a good doc but so are any number of other people with no business being surgeon general. You don't take a young guy with no real background in leadership (again, he seems like a decent and promising guy long term but isn't anywhere near there yet) and appoint him a freaking vice admiral and surgeon general. It makes no sense that he would get the position just because he's on friendly terms politically with the pres.

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*If you want to argue against this point on minutia that ignore the reality of how preliminary medical research is performed, please just shut up.

No. I think I'd rather join the chorus of those correcting you. I'm not sure how you got marked insightful; your post was both rude and inaccurate. Embryonic stem cells are not illegal to study or experiment with in the United States.

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Religion is just a belief system. Really all humans are religious we just adhere to different beliefs some more clearly defined than others. Once you start congregating at atheist sunday gatherings ritual is developed as well. Of course, you'll also need 'elders' to manage the whole thing... Guess what? You've started an organized religion.

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