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Comment Re:Mars is impossible (Score 0) 310

It is easy to come up with reasons why something is difficult to do or to complain about the sacrifices (even in lives) involved. but that doesn't make it impossible. Are we Americans or American'ts? :)

It seems the radiation might be managable: "Astronauts could endure a long-term, roundtrip Mars mission without receiving a worryingly high radiation dose.... A mission consisting of a 180-day outbound cruise, a 600-day stay on Mars and another 180-day flight back to Earth would expose an astronaut to a total radiation dose of about 1.1 sieverts (units of radiation) - See more at:"

Comment I doubt they are terrible concerned w US rollout (Score 1) 78

Project Loon's main thrust has always seemed to be broadband in areas without real infrastrucure. While I'm sure they might like to test some stuff in the US, realistically they would likely be better off with a big rollout in Africa from a PR perspective which would also give them plenty of data for when/if they decided for a US or Europe rollout.

Comment Seems like a good idea (Score 2) 145

This is basically just working with legos or blocks and being able to do simple conditions. Collaboration on something like this seems like a healthy exercise for young kids. Probably better than a lot of the rote learning they are stuck with typically in school. IMO we need more of this type of activity along with classic logic and rhetoric exercises.

Comment Re:USA voters are stupid (Score 1) 275

The USA is unquestionably at least partly responsible for ISIS. We should have nipped Syria in the bud, not allowed Iraq to fall etc. so yes this administration does bear quite a bit of responsiblity. You could argue of course that the root problem was a destabilation of the region due to the Iraq war and that would be at least partially accurate but Iraq fell to ISIS and Syria fell into chaos because this current administration was unwilling to commit boots on the ground to ensure stabilty in the region. A region that we had at least partial responsiblity for destabilzing in the first place. We knew Iraq was unstable but we pulled out against the recommendation of our generals in order to fulfil campaign promises. Our weakness nourished this "islamic state" and allowed it to grow.

Comment Re:Is anyone really surprised by this? (Score 1) 144

Nah. Siri is integrated with apple music so they have a bucket of inquiries that have this as the response if user does not have subscription. "Play this song" or whatever other instruction a user might give. This is most likely just a matter of this particular inquiry being included in that default response to that condition in their profile. Likely unintentional but just as likely because it's apple to stay that way because they don't tend to change stuff like that based on user feedback.

Comment Re:In other news.... (Score 1) 500

From the article:

To help cover the expense, Price cut his own pay from $1.1 million to $70,000. He’s also sold all of his stocks, drained his retirement accounts, and mortgaged two properties to pour $3 million into the company. He’s vowed not to fire employees, raise prices, or cut executive pay further to make it all work.

Once the media attention propping up his numbers dies down this stunt is likely doomed...

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