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+ - Adapting Monopoly to demonstrate Modern Monetary Theory-> 2

Submitted by buswolley
buswolley (591500) writes "Are we really too poor to put America back to work making and building the things we need to maintain a prosperous nation? -Mitch Green

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) posits that America is not too poor, and now proponents of the theory have adapted the rules of the classic board game of Monopoly to demonstrate their case

For those that would like a background a great starter is Warren Mosler's "Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economy Policy" at"

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+ - NSA Asked Linus Torvalds to Install Backdoors into GNU Linux->

Submitted by buswolley
buswolley (591500) writes "The NSA has asked Linus Torvalds to inject covert backdoors into the free and open operating system GNU/Linux. This was revealed in this week’s hearing on mass surveillance in the European Parliament. Chalk another one up of the United States NSA trying to make information technology less secure for everyone."
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+ - What Experiment Would YOU Run on a Single Hamster?

Submitted by buswolley
buswolley (591500) writes "As I was typing away on a research proposal last night, my daughter's hamster was busy turning his very squeaky hamster wheel. To make the incessant squeak more tolerable I posed a thought exercise to myself, which I now Ask Slashdot:

What clever experiment could you conduct on a single hamster that will teach you something about your field of research that you didn't know before.

For extra achievement points, let’s treat Ham-the-Case-Study-Sam neighborly."

+ - Two Patriot Act Provisions Ruled Unconstitutional

Submitted by buswolley
buswolley (591500) writes "Judge Ann Aiken in Federal court ruled two key provisions of the Patriot Act unconstitutional. According to the ruling, the Patriot Act provisions unconstitutionally circumvented the 4th Amendment, and removed the checks and balances provided for by our Constitution. This is a great victory for the people of the United States, and demonstrates the inherent strength of our system of government."

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