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Comment: Graft is everywhere (Score 2) 208

by bussdriver (#49181239) Attached to: The US's First Offshore Wind Farm Will Cut Local Power Prices By 40%

Nuclear power is in the billions to build a plant. We have 2 in the USA that are not coming cheap. It NEVER includes all the free or really cheap government services that nuclear power gets and needs. You complain about wind but nuclear burns money and costs more than solar; graft is always included for both. Thing is, with big massive centralized power generation you have a few powerful players who's political pull is greater than smaller more distributed alternatives (unless the smaller players can unite.)

I've read many times that no nuclear power station in the USA has ever made a profit. ever. not without accounting games shifting the cost onto tax payers. It's a game of stealing as much money as possible; not making legitimate profit. I know in my area they will build stations with lots of bonuses/incentives and low interest loans etc-- then years later get even more taken off if not chucking the remainder of the debt plus expansions of tax-free periods etc. (in the name of jobs, but really these new jobs are being subsidized.) Maybe 30 years later it gets even but the debt and incentives are not repaid. But to be fair, power generation is infrastructure that helps the local economy in ways you can't directly measure... like roads. but it would be better if it were handled like the roads... which have less overhead and work just as well.

Comment: good luck (Score 1) 91

by bussdriver (#49180609) Attached to: Has the Supreme Court Made Patent Reform Legislation Unnecessary?

Good luck trying to actually prove that not having patents does more harm than having sane patents. You can't really prove it. It was another social experiment like the ones before it. Without patents, people will sit on secrets and use security by obscurity which could prevent or lose inventions that benefit society. Which is the reason patents were created; however, today we better understand this situation. Furthermore, this is the information age where secrets are not well hidden for long.

Employers have to be careful with their secrets... but because of patents they don't have to worry much about secrets leaking out so their employees are disposable... not entirely because there is plenty of stuff they can't OWN so they try to force people into non-compete contracts so they can screw over more employees! The paranoia of competition never really goes away even for the many monopolies (who worry about democracy and the free market so they attack it constantly. the true traitors.)

Sure some inventions wouldn't happen; but a great deal of the big inventions come from publicly funded sources who do most the groundwork if not nearly everything up to the mass production stage. Sure, we now have private funding playing a bigger role at undermining our research institutions but they used to be better funded... Also we used to do research without patents PREVENTING and adding to the cost of doing important research that benefits all of humanity.

Great discoveries are not happening because some prof and his students are unable to use patented techniques or because they only can get grants for better Viagra and not for dull groundwork but fundamental to future discovery.

Comment: Heaven forbid people be responisble! (Score 1) 215

by bussdriver (#49055811) Attached to: Japan Now Has More Car Charging Points Than Gas Stations

You have no duty or responsibility for your fellow man, only you matter and the rest of the world can go to hell.

Even further, you are not your brother's keeper even if Jesus said so!

Second hand smoke bother you? well fuck off and die! I'm not giving up my cigarettes you communist!

Humans did ok for most their existence without cars... but now you have one we can't possibly ADAPT to new circumstances... because you don't want to be inconvenienced.

Makes me wonder if WW2 could be won today with so many selfish wimps unwilling to make any sacrifice for the greater good... or even thinking the greater good means anything other than what directly benefits themselves...

Comment: The Google House (Score 2) 248

by bussdriver (#49052663) Attached to: Smart Homes Often Dumb, Never Simple

Google's next project after that failed glasses thing:

The Google House

Most the stuff is FREE but you must log-in to enter your house. It tracks everything you do and keeps that information forever!

Your phone or grocery store advertizes that you might like to buy some bran muffins. no reason... (except Google House recognized you were constipated today.)

Comment: oh please (Score 1) 562

by bussdriver (#48846903) Attached to: Obama: Gov't Shouldn't Be Hampered By Encrypted Communications

All 3 branches in the US are broken, including most of the 4th estate.

Not only do broken systems allow for corruption but one of the BEST ways to do corruption is by breaking the system!

Congress is so far worse with the worst approval ratings in history; far worse than the executive and they end up re-elected anyway. The industrial military complex has almost completely gamed that democratic body. The reason all three largely move in the same direction while in fighting is because the entire game is rigged... like a Casino, people win/lose but the house always wins (unless Trump owns it.)

Comment: ALL politicians in power sound the same (Score 1) 562

by bussdriver (#48841259) Attached to: Obama: Gov't Shouldn't Be Hampered By Encrypted Communications

Does anybody ever consider the NSA and government system spies on upcoming politicians and most likely officials who hold office as well?

Does anybody notice how people who are strong critics end up in office only paying lip service to positions they legitimately held before they had any power? If not entirely flipping their previous positions?

We've caught the military using PsyOps to win over Senators. You think that is all that has ever happened??

The UK is so in bed with our industrial military spy complex one expects them to parrot each other if not experiment in the UK before trying it out here.

Comment: Business is the customer? (Score 1) 169

by bussdriver (#48752455) Attached to: Better Learning Through Expensive Software? One Principal Thinks Not

So... Walmart needs worker drones, they are the customer and the education system manufactures worker drones to their specifications?

Cost externalization is another new MBA philosophy being pushed in all aspects possible. Even though all the great progress of the past was not done using these new techniques and new economics we will just hammer every nail with the same new MBA hammer.

Don't train employees... Don't give them any reason to stick around if you do train them. Externalize all your needs by blaming everybody else for not providing that for you-- externalize the cost of employee training (that is, after you externalize all the employees you can to China or India.) Complain colleges don't train your employees enough because naturally your XYZ framework is the only one which matters so the school should teach that instead of useless theory...

The "product" is not up to shifting arbitrary and highly biased expectations. We need more H1B Visas because American workers are now all retarded because of the schools; we can't even find people with 10 years of experience in 5 year old technologies anymore!

Comment: I suggest you look it up (Score 1) 169

by bussdriver (#48752385) Attached to: Better Learning Through Expensive Software? One Principal Thinks Not

Education was always a political issue and always will be one I did not say that it wasn't. The shift in the voting population's PRIORITIES of the issue is what caused it to be elevated to a major issue. At some point it shifted up just 1 position into the top 5 list and became a football.

Administrators are not voted in by the staff; they are hired by politicians. The public likes simple stats - which is why they'll vote for a sheriff with higher arrest numbers even though he got those by skipping real police work for arresting minor offenders that can't be convicted (or more likely plea.)

The union has less power than ever before. The union has it's own political problems and can't ever seem to win against the onslaught of BS coming from all sides.

There is a widespread propaganda war being waged and the public is falling for it. Everybody thinks they are a dentist because they had some teeth pulled. THAT is a big problem here as well.

As far as my family of teachers, we all have a lot of leeway; except in the standardized testing of simplistic metrics... where every year a huge amount of education time is LOST only prepping for gaming the exams. Art teachers not doing art, but teaching to the english test; etc. Perfect is the enemy of good. Some people need to fail and some deserve to fail -- children need to be left behind so the majority and the gifted can continue forward. No, not permanently behind. The only thing good about the technology ideas is how they can customize to an individual level-- and not imposing 1 size fits all. The smart approach would be to profile students and group them by learning styles and emotional problems. COST is a huge factor which is why class sizes are the way they are...

I'm not anti-technology (I built my own stuff) but we can't even measure outcomes competently so how can we seriously evaluate these technology experiments on children.

Comment: Nice try (Score 4, Interesting) 169

by bussdriver (#48734769) Attached to: Better Learning Through Expensive Software? One Principal Thinks Not

I know about education; I'm in the field too.

The real problem in modern education in the USA is that the Republicans entered into the issue. I'm not saying their ideas are all horrible; but that the political fight was so much smaller so the teachers and schools were not in the middle of a political culture war. You see, what really started the mess was that public polling showed voters ranked education higher in priority than in the past and that turned it into a two party political football. The rest is a bunch of policies and ideas which have zero basis in reality and everything to do about sounding good, getting votes, and political BRANDING. SO BOTH PARTIES WORK TO DESTROY IT like everything else they touch these days. That has harmed the system greatly which only reflects the broken political system, just another thing that precedes the collapse of a once great democracy.

Furthermore, education is not a business. You can't turn education into an easy statistic like sales and students are NOT customers!! They are not supposed to be happy customers with a "your #1" sticker handed out to everybody and every parent is immune from criticism. The culture is all fucked up; used to be the student was to blame, now the special snowflakes are perfect and the teacher is always the problem.

Yes, technology needs to be PROVEN before it's allowed to be used. SCIENCE should decide everything. That means parents (voters) will be pleased. automated tests have yet to be intelligent. I can interview a student and assess them quicker and more accurately than any static test plus they can't ever fool me. But in the land of lawsuits somebody will be upset they didn't get their "your #1" sticker... while the multiple choice exam allows many times more to sneak bye or undeservedly fail.

We can't even adjust school hours to fit best with sleeping patterns of the children when that stuff has been known forever.

Science says that middle school kids shouldn't even be educated conventionally. They need emotional development training and stuff so out of the norm many people would revolt. Most education problems are psychologically based and their parents and environment are HUGE factors. If you apply developmental psychology instead of acting like it doesn't exist, you would turn poor performing students, future criminals, and fragile suicide kids into good students and functional adults. Naturally, parents would be upset because they'd have responsibilities, something which they avoid like everything today.

Parents want free daycare. Some need it too. Snow days not only cause parents to call in irate, but it also means some children DO NOT EAT.

There is so much wrong which has so much more impact-- but we only can discuss a FEW issues and wave some shiny new toy in the public's eye... like they were children.

Comment: Freedom isn't free. (Score 1) 368

by bussdriver (#48667721) Attached to: Study: Police Body-Cams Reduce Unacceptable Use of Force

You can't be free without a cost. If lawyers are going to continue to ruin society, we need to curb them... but given how democracy is failing those issues are really sideshow to the real problems. Cutting down on misinformation and ignorance are one of the few things left that can be done to support democracy.

Comment: Re:Parent is Backasswords (Score 1) 266

by bussdriver (#48613851) Attached to: Judge Rules Drug Maker Cannot Halt Sales of Alzheimer's Medicine

The Mussolini's political party where Fascism comes from and while that famous quote of his "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism" can not have it's attribution proven; it is not far from the manifesto of HIS party that the man promoted. When I asked a poly sci professor whom was familiar with the Fascist party and it's book, he didn't think the quote was much of a stretch and it was not impossible for him to have said it. Fascism isn't "free market" corporatism it is a merging of the state and the corporations; it seems to be like communism from the outside especially since both inherently require lots of authoritarianism and on that spectrum they very similar to each other... It's a matter of perspective and priority/philosophy that differentiates it from it's perceived opposite.

I'm frequently pointing people to because there is no binary or even linear political scale. Simply because you are against communism it doesn't make you the opposite... besides, the opposite of communism is not fascism, but economic anarchy (the most free market possible...which never lasts just like communism because it's so unstable it falls apart... imbalance happens caused by the system which break the system from the start; either system. Even the most free market, the black market is never really free within it's own domain. )

Every system sold to the masses is based around basic socialism which is the argument that the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few. Even free market Randians use the same argument, that more people are better off with their system so you should choose it over those "unrealistic" others and naturally they add additional appeals, premises and argument to that.

All systems are headed for shake up so inventing a lot in them is a waste of time; once robotics and AI surpass nearly every human job the economics and political schemes fail because they were built around assumptions that will be altered. I think the transition is going to resemble holy wars because a lot of these systems are at religious levels. (Just look at the Christians freaking out at this new pope preaching actual Christian values because it contradicts their other stronger political beliefs.)

Information is the inverse of entropy.