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Comment: Re:Straightjacket and RMS... (Score 3, Insightful) 515

by bursch-X (#42197579) Attached to: Richard Stallman: 'Apple Has Tightest Digital Handcuffs In History'
But that's a freedom most of the population couldn't care less about. Let's say I was making a fuss, because I couldn't get the InDesign data for all the books I own, and those books were evil, because they were taking away the freedom to design them in a more legible and typographically sound way. You couldn't care less, but honestly I sometimes don't even consider reading something that is designed just too badly, since I am a typography/design geek. But you might not give a flying f*ck about these things. Sometimes things you consider extremely important are just totally irrelevant to others.

Comment: Re:You had me at.. (Score 5, Funny) 346

by bursch-X (#38824911) Attached to: Firefox Javascript Engine Becomes Single Threaded

You've got an 8GB system and complaining about FF 3.6 memory leakage?

I'm not sure whether you are aware of it, but there's this cool way of replacing your application with a newer version (new: less than two years old). For free! It's called updating. I'm aware it's a radical concept, but try it out, it's pretty cool.

Comment: Re:You had me at.. (Score 1) 346

by bursch-X (#38824873) Attached to: Firefox Javascript Engine Becomes Single Threaded
I've done tests over and over: Google Chrome is the very worst memory hog of the whole bunch. It always uses _at least_ around 1GB of RAM on OS X. That's ridiculous. Its WebKit brother Safari has a much smaller memory footprint, Firefox on OS X even more so (well it does have some performance issues and integration of OS X specific features sucks, but you can't have it all I guess).

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