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Comment Re:+1 Parent (Score 1) 332

The idea is web servers running your native code (or within 5% of its speed) securely on Google's servers. Even DOTNET vm running on AppEngine! (Not that i'd want taht, quick to add before i get stoned)

You know, reading the name of the project, I'd assume it runs on the client. As in, in the browser.

How exactly would you run a browser on AppEngine?

Comment Re:Spend some of that on disable-output-escaping? (Score 2, Insightful) 386

You don't get it, huh?

This disable-output-escaping makes simply no sense if you're having a valid xml-doc and an xslt-stylesheet to produce _valid_ xhtml (cause you don't need it for that).

It does, however, if you're trying to build makefiles with xml/xslt... but then you chose the wrong tool to produce the final result.

Your browser is made for displaying websites, not producing some weird output.

Because of this, the mozilla-guys are completely right if they say "no we won't".

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