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Comment: Re:$6k to 7$7k/month (Score 3, Informative) 231

by burne (#48407033) Attached to: The Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Dementia

Is what a nursing home costs in the US.

For about 3500 euro a month you can live here:

(ignore the language, click the photos..)

A partner requiring no care is something like 800 euro a month extra. Both prices will be for the smallest suite in the complex, and are 'starting at', but, 7K a month will buy you a lot of care.

Mind you: Dutch healthcare won't cover that kind of care. Hogewey is accessible to (severe) dementia-sufferers but has a waiting list of about a year.

Comment: I lied. I'm not Amish. (Score 1) 140

by burne (#45801621) Attached to: What computing device do you use most while on vacation?

but, I would, if I (and the Amish) could. Find a way to combine their lifestyle with a non-religious set of life values, that is. And a month a year without disruptive technology is the bare minimum.

(Note the difference between atheist ("not believing in an almighty super being") versus non-religious..)

Comment: Re:They should upgrade the warning ... (Score 1) 526

by burne (#45395053) Attached to: Man In Tesla Model S Fire Explains What Happened

Also, fuel fires are easier to deal with. Just spray a bunch of foam everywhere and you're pretty much good.

You seem to seriously underestimate the amount of science that goes into extinguishing fires. The average crash tender carries five completely different systems for fighting various fires, and every fire department has a sixth one ready. Then again: the stuff that they carry isn't designed for the kind of danger a high power car battery poses. But, expect larger L2 firefighting systems becoming standard on your average fire truck real soon now.

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