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Comment: Re:Finally!! (Score 1) 409

Thank you.

+1 informative, +1 helpful, ++? generally spot on :)

Also +1 informative (again) because I didn't know the details of the US distribution grid. I only have experience with our 240V system here in South Africa.

I did know about the 120V centre-tapped system, but we don't use that here [SA], or in Zimbabwe (where I'm from), or in UK (where I lived for a long time.) -- these countries all use 240V.

Good luck with the whole upgrade!

Comment: Re:Finally!! (Score 1) 409

You say 200A, however that isn't actually meaningful without also specifying the voltage. I'm assuming USA 120V, given your dollar-speak, however it would be helpful to make it explicit. There's a 4x difference in power consumption between 200A @ 120V and 200A @ 240V, so what appears to be nit-picking actually makes a massive difference.

Comment: Re:Happy Software Developers Solve Better Problems (Score 1) 121

by burisch_research (#47361577) Attached to: Happy Software Developers Solve Problems Better

+1 to both the AC and to retchdog. Both are right. But the most right is the guy right above me who said:

Whores do what the customer wants, professionals do what the customer needs.

I have an unpleasant meeting tomorrow where I need to exercise option B).


Comment: Re:A (hidden) communication channel is not an atta (Score 1) 121

by burisch_research (#47221345) Attached to: The Computer Security Threat From Ultrasonic Networks

This. It is NOT an attack. And let's face it, very very few people have an air gap on their computers. Since that's the case, it's so much easier to just use the existing wired network or wireless network to ferret data out. 20 bits per second is hardly practical anyway, even for small amounts of data (which, today, would be classified as megabytes.)

Comment: Re:Can Cyborg Tech End Human Disability By 2064? (Score 1) 121

by burisch_research (#47117193) Attached to: Can Cyborg Tech End Human Disability By 2064?

30 years ago, I paid nearly $100 for a decent pair of prescription glasses. Now I buy them online for $6/pair.

Where? I could use some $6 glasses! I'm still paying $100/pr. And I need a new pair.

A generation ago, a crappy hearing aid cost thousands. Today, you can buy a far better device for $39. I bought one for my father-in-law, and he describes it as "fantastic".

Where? My brother would be very interested!

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