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Comment: Asustek Extreme4 (Score 1) 77

On a related topic, I had an issue with my motherboard, which hasn't been resolved. It's an Asrock Z87 Extreme4. Running Windows 7 - I notice that the first hyperthread of my i7 4770k is pegged at 50%. Lots of digging, it looks like it might be a faulty design, putting the intel management engine and the USB subsystem on the same interrupt. What do you lot think?

Comment: Re:Energy density. (Score 1) 734

I don't know why no EV manufacturer has thought of this:

Build a small generator / fuel tank into a TRAILER that you can hook up to your EV. This gives you the best of both worlds: for short, around-town trips, you leave the range extender trailer at home; but, when you want to drive long distance, just hook up the trailer and you can travel an arbitrarily long distance. Given the incredible efficiency of EVs, it's likely that a well-designed range extender trailer could give you several thousand kilometres of range.

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