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+ - Peter Hadfield on The Consequences of Climate Change

Submitted by bunratty
bunratty (545641) writes "Journalist Peter Hadfield (potholer54 on YouTube) has a new video on the consequences of climate change in our lifetime. He has read the scientific literature to separate out the bogus claims from the realistic claims, from both sides of the schism. This balanced approach makes it a good view for skeptics and believers alike."

+ - How well do our climate models match our observations?

Submitted by bunratty
bunratty (545641) writes "According to recent articles by Roy Spencer and John Christy, our climate models have done a poor job of predicting warming due to humans burning fossil fuels. They claim that we've observed only a fraction of the warming they predict. But when I look at the source they claim to use, the State of the Climate in 2012, I see that it shows a warming of 0.7 degrees Celsius worldwide since 1980, close to the 0.8 degrees Celsius warming predicted by the climate models. Take a look at the data for yourself. How well do our predictions match our observations?"

+ - Firefox 3 Beta 5 Released 1

Submitted by bunratty
bunratty (545641) writes "Firefox 3 Beta 5 was released today. This last beta release sports performance-boosting improved connection parallelism. Not only has "the memory leak" been fixed: Firefox now uses less memory than other browsers according to Mozilla developers as well as CyberNet and The Browser World. As for the Acid3 test, Firefox 3 Beta 5 scores only 71/100 compared to 75/100 for Safari 3.1 and 79/100 for the latest Opera 9.5 snapshot. The final release of Firefox 3 is expected in June."

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