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Comment: Re:I find my backup camera useful (Score 1) 518

by bungo (#46632901) Attached to: Department of Transportation Makes Rear View Cameras Mandatory

My wife's Nissan has a backup camera. I wasn't use to it, as my main car has ultra-sonic parking sensors. Originally I didn't like the camera, until I was in a car park and it was pitch black. The camera has night vision capability, and I was able to see everything just like it was daylight (but only in black and white).

In this case, looking out of the windows didn't help much, but with the camera, I was able to see far further than the reversing light.


Comment: Re:So, they knew (Score 1) 243

WB was using the backers' money and let them assume the risk if the project fails.


To quote super chicken, "you knew the job was dangerous when you took it".

That was a risk I was willing to take. If I lost out and didn't get anything for my money, then oh well, maybe I'll not eat out one night instead and I'll be even.

Worst part is, you guys aren't even getting the promised rewards, i.e. the digital download.

No, that's a lie. They provided a digital download. No where was it ever promised that it was going to be a DRM free download.

I'm a backer. I was never told it would be DRM free.

Comment: Re:uh, you paid a studio and expect returns? (Score 2) 243

I'm a backer.

No, we didn't pay a studio. We paid Rob to create a movie. Rob then worked with the studio to get extra funding and promotion.

If Rob didn't get agreement with the studio, then he still was going to make the movie with the money that he raised. It might not have had a wide cinema release, but he had enough money to made a reasonable quality movie.

Comment: Re:Investors? Really? (Score 2) 243

But where were we ever told that it would be a DRM free digitial download?

I'm a backer. I never saw any mention of it being a DRM free digital download. I have access to be backers website, I read all of the comments on kickstarted by Rob and his team. No-one ever said that it would be DRM free.

As far as I'm concerned, they delivered the promised download, they met the conditions.

Comment: Re:Investors? Really? (Score 2) 243

I'm a backer of the Veroncia Mars movie.

I was hoping that a movie would be made, of at leave direct-to-video quality. If it didn't get make, then, oh well, it was worth the shot.

It's not like I committed as much as the founder of, who paid $10,000 for a speaking part in the movie. (Although he could probably afford his $10k as much as I could my $40.)

Comment: Re:Geek Rage!!! (Score 1) 243

Geek rage is right. People here are getting all worked up over something that probably doesn't affect them. I suppose some people just like getting upset at big media companies.

I'm a backer. Is anyone else here an actual backer? I pledged enough to get a digital download. I never expected it to be a DRM free version. The fact that I can download it to my Nexus 7 is a bonus further than I was expecting. When I signed up, I was thinking they were probably only going to deliver a MS Windows only version - after all the project is being run by a director/producer, and not a tech head.

And am I upset with the digital download? No. Totally DRM free would have been great, but it's not something that I expected.

Right, so, as a backer, what did I actually expect for my money? I donated money to have the chance to see a Veronica Mars movie that would have been on a cheap budget and a direct-to-video quality production.

What did I get? I got a move that is really like a cinema quality release movie. That's more than I hoped for. I also got a t-shirt, stickers, the script, a DVD, and a digital download. All of that for half the cost of a AAA game title.

Heck, I'm over the moon.

And what else did I get for being a backer? I got sense of ownership of the movie and the whole creation process. It was a fun journey.

Also, for any of you non-backers that have decided to download the movie, well, I'm a bit disappointed that you're interested enough to have a look, but it would have been nice if you could have contributed someway. Maybe if you like the movie, try to make it one of the most pirated movie around at the moment. With more interest, maybe there can be a second Veronica Mars movie.

What non-backers don't appear to know is that Rob was restricted by the studios and the agreements with the cinemas on how he could allow the digital downloads. To get a movie in the cinemas, at the same time as being available for download is the first time this has happened (as far as I know). The studios and cinema owners normally never allow this.

One final thing. Even though the kickstart paid for the production of the movie, the studio covered the cost of the kickstarter rewards and also the (little) promotion that went on. So I can understand why the studio wants to keep control as much as they want over the distribution.

Comment: Re:Should be Alternative Language Requirement (Score 1) 426

by bungo (#46071775) Attached to: Kentucky: Programming Language = Foreign Language

You never learned of subjunctive, conditional, imperative, indicative? All native english speakers I talk to said they did.

I didn't. I was in school in the unfortunate period when new math appeared, and it was decided that grammar was too confusing and didn't need to be taught. This made learning French more difficult, and I had to first learn what the tense was in English.

I curse the people who decided to change English teaching to stop being about the language and into making up stuff about what an author could have thought, but maybe didn't - and if you don't agree with your teacher on what the 'correct' made up stuff was, then you were in trouble.


They NEVER match because the subtitles are done in France and the audio dubbing is done in Quebec.

It's same same everywhere. I think it comes down to cost, cheaper costs equals crappy subtitles. Even French TV shows, in French, made in France have subtitles that don't match what's being said. The only times when I've seen good quality subtitles is when it's with an expensive big-budget movie (French or US).



Enlightenment DR 0.18: Improved Compositing, Wayland Support 62

Posted by timothy
from the now-that's-some-conservative-versioning dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The Enlightenment DR 0.18 window manager has been released one year after E17. Enlightenment 0.18 provides many new features, with demanding compositing, Wayland client support, improved systemd integration, new Enlightenment modules, and stability fixes."

Comment: Re:Should Have be Charged With Treason (Score 1) 442

by bungo (#44083887) Attached to: US Charges Edward Snowden With Espionage

Professional terrorists are unlikely to use communication that will be intercepted in this way.

Sure they do, just set up pre-known phrases in advance, and you don't even to need encryption
John is starting a new job => Akmed has sourced the fissile material

Jane is expecting the baby in July => The bomb will be on the ship making port in July.

There you go. They're only doing their job. The need to keep track of anyone who is named John or Jane, or anyone who speaks to any John or Jane, anyone who is having a baby, or anyone who knows anyone having a baby.

Comment: Re:Oh (Score 1) 141

by bungo (#43953807) Attached to: Iain Banks Dies of Cancer At 59

Everyone can have whatever they want, yes... but it doesn't mean that everything has to be harmonious. No large inter-group disagreement is possible? Maybe some significant section want to break away.....

Ok, I'm not a good writer, but Banks was, and I'm sure that he could have some up with something interesting that exposes more of the workings of the Culture.

It just makes me feel a little sad that there is no chance that there will be any more Culture novels.


Comment: Re:Oh (Score 5, Insightful) 141

by bungo (#43953653) Attached to: Iain Banks Dies of Cancer At 59

They were my thoughts exactly.

I only discovered him about 5 years ago, and I was looking forward for many more years of Culture novels. I thought there was a lot more he could still explore in that universe.

One thing I would have like to have seen is something that was more focused on things happening inside the Culture and their society. Most of the times he spends some setup time in the Culture, then whips off to the edge of their space to deal with some other civilization. I wanted to learn more about the workings of the Culture.

I guess now I'll never know....

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by bungo (#43593943) Attached to: How often do friends/family call you for tech support?

Too right. My car doesn't have power steering, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you've never driven a modern car without power steering (which in reality is fairly rare), then you're unaware that you get a lot of extra feel on what is happening to the front tyres - are they starting to slip, is the road surface rough or bumpy, ...

When I drive a car with power steering, it feels like driving a boat.

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