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Comment: Re:Uh what? (Score 1) 180

by bunbuntheminilop (#46513949) Attached to: Why Did New Zealand's Moas Go Extinct?

That's an interesting narrative you have there. The settlements were/are about the Treaty and nothing else. The cultural stuff is important, and it's possible for a culture to appreciate the importance of the environment around them, and also over succeeding generations, make a total mess of it.

It doesn't sound like you've read 'The Penguin History of New Zealand'. It should be required reading in schools. You should do yourself a favour and find a copy, if only the read the first two/three chapters.

Comment: Re:When will he be arrested? (Score 1) 666

The Solomon curve seems to show that the safest speed to travel is just slightly below the average speed. This doesn't make any sense. X isn't variation from average. shouldn't it be speed in mph, with 0 being the speed limit?

And, in the 50's, when the data was collated, how did Solomon accurately predict the speed the cars involved in these collisions were going at? We cant do that reliably now.

Comment: Re:Linus management technique works (Score 1) 1501

Most managers are accountable to someone, and tend to balance the needs of various stakeholders, i.e. workers, internal/external customers, owners, suppliers etc.

Who is Linus accountable to? When he swears at the other devs, which stakeholders' interest is he trying to protect? The users?

Comment: Re:Put them at restaurants (Score 1) 311

by bunbuntheminilop (#43869969) Attached to: Tesla To Blanket US With Superchargers In Two Years

Why not just swap the battery out with a fully charged one? I guess they would be pretty heavy (the leaf battery is around 300 kg), but if you get the system in place, then you can just set up a robot arm to do the changing, and setup a car wash style conveyor belt thing?

Then, we could use the batteries that are being stored as an energy store connected to the grid (so we can make better use of some renewable connected to the grid like wind and solar), with the added benefit of only having the charge the batteries at night when power is supposedly cheaper.

I swap my propane gas bottle in this fashion. The stations around don't bother having the large tanks to refill the bottles, they just keep a dozen or full so people can swap them. You just have to build in the depreciation of the tanks into the price of the swap.

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