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Comment Actual Status (Score 4, Interesting) 89

I see lots of articles about how AMD plans to do this, that, and the other using open source components. What I want to know, is can I run 3D games using the in-tree kernel module with the proprietary user modules yet? This was promised a while back and I haven't seen any more about it. I want to support the effort, but I am not buying another AMD card until I see it actually work.

Comment Re:Ethical? Like, honesty? (Score 1) 367

I don't want more of these games where launch day features include broken quests, random crashes, missing plot points, and other things that would have been caught if QA wasn't cut the make the launch schedule. I am willing to see fewer of these games made if that is the price of me waiting 18 months to buy them.

Comment Re:Ethical? Like, honesty? (Score 2) 367

From the sounds of it, game companies are now so reliant on shipping a broken product and then patching it later, getting a new release is like being the beta testers.

It's true, the best time to buy a Bethesda game is 18 months later when it is 1/3 the cost and most of the big bugs are fixed. Nothing beats paying release prices to get access to the large public beta.

Comment Re:Rational basis (Score 4, Insightful) 367

Sure, they will likely fix these bugs eventually, but why couldn't they fix the bugs _before_ release and ship a working product? As I said earlier, Bethesda has always worked this way. I have never played a Bethesda game that worked on release date (to be fair my first was Morrowind, maybe the earlier ones were better). Instead they throw out this thing held together by chicken wire and chewing gum with the promise to fix later. That is the problem, there are no consequences for shipping broken software because you can patch it later.

Comment Re:Samsung Series 9 (Score 1) 237

My wife tried the same, if you ever need to update the firmware on it you have the have the Windows partition around. We had to reinstall with Windows to update the bios after we discovered the USB firmware was hosed from the factory and did not work. I would steer clear of Samsung until they allow bios updates without Windows.

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