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Comment: Not just about terrorism (Score 5, Insightful) 209

by bulled (#49530163) Attached to: McConnell Introduces Bill To Extend NSA Surveillance
This isn't just about terrorism and the summary does a disservice to the discussion to imply otherwise. This surveillance is used by many other three-letter-agencies for far more than investigating terrorism. One of the key problems with this program is that the American people have no idea how deep it goes and who is using it for what. Opposing this program is about opposing the blank check that has been given to all governmental agencies to use mass surveillance against average citizens when there is no reason to suspect they are involved in anything illegal.

Comment: Re:Honestly (Score 1) 587

by bulled (#49413785) Attached to: Hugo Awards Turn (Even More) Political

It does seem like a big deal. I mean, last year there nominations titled "If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love", which was an unusual choice for both a Nebula (a different SF/F award, chosen by a jury) and a Hugo nomination. The genre is floundering fairly hard.

I agree that the awards are floundering hard, but I disagree about the genre. There is a large body of good SciFi out there, you just have to look a bit harder to find it through the noise.

Comment: Re:How is limiting your market protection? (Score 2) 57

by bulled (#49379941) Attached to: EU Commission Divided Over Nation-Specific Content Blocking

Clearly I don't understand capitalism.

Clearly. Geoblocking is at least partially about market segmentation. The EU is so large that it has extremely major disparities in wealth between its member nations. Consider the difference between Sweden and Romania. If you have a movie and charge a single price to stream it across the entire EU then:

a) Some people will find it incredibly cheap and others will find it still too expensive, just pushing them back towards piracy.

I suppose this is slashdot and I should expect any reponse to my inital post to be condesending, well done. You wanted an argument, this is abuse

Keeping things geo-locked pushes people to piracy. Drop the locks and at least the portion of the population that want to pay either for content or convience can do so. Geolocking doesn't stop those that will pirate, it stops those that will not from paying.

b) You end up having to deal with the tax systems of every single EU country anyway due to the retarded VAT changes they introduced this year, so it doesn't help simplify your business at all, and you theoretically aren't allowed to opt out of serving particular regions due to their horrible paperwork requirements, so being able to geoblock unprofitably complicated regions whilst claiming you have some other reason is quite attractive.

If we are assuming the basics of captialism hold here and there is a sufficiently sized market, the regulatory changes will be made. If not by the multinationals looking for profit, then by the local people who are pissed they can't buy what they want.

Comment: It is open source, it isn't free (Score 3, Informative) 198

I don't mean to start a religious war, but this one of the key reasons that not all open source software is free(libre) software. Sure you can see the code, you can even run the code, but MS isn't promising you a license to use their patents.

Comment: Re:Not everyone (Score 1) 140

by bulled (#49370049) Attached to: NSA: We Mulled Ending Phone Program Before Edward Snowden Leaks

There is a difference between suspecting and being looked at as paranoid, and everyone knowing something as a fact.

It is sad to me that people who claimed this was happening before Snowden were all considered tin foil hat crazy. And after Snowden the plotical establishment have all taken the stance of "Well, duh. Of course that has always been happening". There was never a "Holy shit, our government lies to us" moment, just move on to "We have always been at war with Eastasia."

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