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Comment: Re:Not everyone (Score 1) 140

by bulled (#49370049) Attached to: NSA: We Mulled Ending Phone Program Before Edward Snowden Leaks

There is a difference between suspecting and being looked at as paranoid, and everyone knowing something as a fact.

It is sad to me that people who claimed this was happening before Snowden were all considered tin foil hat crazy. And after Snowden the plotical establishment have all taken the stance of "Well, duh. Of course that has always been happening". There was never a "Holy shit, our government lies to us" moment, just move on to "We have always been at war with Eastasia."

Comment: Re:And now, things get Ugly. (Score 2) 120

by bulled (#49337065) Attached to: Uber To Turn Into a Big Data Company By Selling Location Data

It's a knee-jerk reaction because you are assuming what Uber will do without any evidence beyond the actions of others. I doubt you'd like being judged by the actions of other people as it would probably be highly inaccurate judgement - the exact same logic applies here.

And yet this is largely how the world works. Good on you if you can completely avoid judging others based on what you have seen entities "like" them do in the past.

Screaming and sobbing about some slippery slope or the actions of other companies isn't helping anyone, let alone you.

Because there is so much screaming and sobbing here. Commenters are simply pointing out that given shareholders, you should expect the company to run rough shod over user privacy if it is profitable. Lying to yourself about this fundamental truth isn't helping anyone, let alone you.

Comment: Re: No longer required (Score 2) 362

by bulled (#49306057) Attached to: OEMs Allowed To Lock Secure Boot In Windows 10 Computers
They said that secuire boot cannot be disabled, not that the keys are locked. A platform key is updatable as long as the new key is signed with the old without disabling secure boot. So you would still need Microsoft to sign your new PK.

That said, this is a very appropriate time for everyone that predicted this is what MS had in mind when they first announced the Secure Boot standard so say "I told you so" to the MS apologists that denied it.

Comment: Re:Valve isn't the savior people thought they were (Score 1) 215

by bulled (#49294031) Attached to: Gabe Newell Understands Half-Life Fans, Not Promising Any Sequels
IMO, it is far worse to outright lie to customers (think SimCity isn't failing to start because of DRM, oh wait, that is exactly why you can't start it) than to have spotty customer support. Especially when, as others have stated, I have had to contact Valve support all of 0 times in the decade I have been using Steam or playing Valve games. This is, like, my opinion, man. YMMV.

Comment: Re:Valve isn't the savior people thought they were (Score 1) 215

by bulled (#49291771) Attached to: Gabe Newell Understands Half-Life Fans, Not Promising Any Sequels

When you rank behind EA in customer service, you have to think that there's something amiss.

I don't take issue with most of your points, but citation needed here. As someone that has actually tried to play an EA game in the recent past, Valve is no where near as awful to their customers as EA.

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