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Comment: Arrrr matey (Score 1) 208

by bukowski90210 (#47275157) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Bequeath Sensitive Information?

Have we not learned anything from Sid Meier? Bury it on a deserted Caribbean island, draw a crude map with a red 'x' marking the approximate spot where your treasure is buried, then go to some bar on some other island and get really drunk and leave the map there with the bartender. Yarr..petarrr!!

Comment: European influences (Score 3, Informative) 165

by bukowski90210 (#47201583) Attached to: Recommendations For Classic Superhero Comic Collections?

Maybe not commonly associated with 'golden age' comics but published concurrently and extremely influential and well-loved are "Tintin" (orig in french, starting c. 1929) by Herge (the pen name of Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi) and of course, the hilarious "The Adventures of Asterix" by Goscinny and Uderzo (orig in french, starting c. 1959). Enjoy!

+ - Recommendations for classic superhero comic collections?

Submitted by mvdwege
mvdwege (243851) writes "Due to being in a relationship with a comics geek, I have gotten interested in the history of superhero comics. I would like to get a better grounding in the Golden Age (pre-Comics Code) comics, so here's my question to the Slashdot audience: what are your recommedations for essential reading? What collections/omnibus editions of Golden Age comics would you recommend?"

Comment: What is a Stradivarius? (Score 1) 469

Any playable Stradivarius violin has had most of its parts replaced over the years. So in many ways they are quite similar to more modern violins. "...it is impossible that any Stradivarius violin actually remains in its complete original condition today. Maintenance results in incremental changes to the instrument. For example, only one Stradivarius still has its original neck (Barclay, 2011). The body of a violin is critical to the sound of the violin, yet the neck and fingerboard are also important to the instruments sound (Hall, 2001). As the different parts of the violin are replaced the sound that is produced changes."

from: http://badacoustics192.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/what-makes-a-stradivarius-so-special/

Comment: Neil Young's old hat (Score 0) 413

Early on, back in the 'dotcom bomb' days, (remember the site dotcombombs.com?) 24k and 32k mP3 files were commonly available to stream or to download because of their smaller size and lower/limited bandwidth capacities. I worked for an internet radio station between 99 and 2001 and we stored 24k, 32k, 56k, and 128k versions of each song on our servers in order to give the users the choice depending on their connection speed and storage capacities etc. . While Neil's argument used to bear weight, in today's world the reality is explicit: yes the smaller sized mP3's sound terrible and are missing a lot of the aural spectrum that we are used to hearing, but nobody even bothers with those 24k, 321k, 56k mP3 files these days.... EVERYONE KNOWS that the quality of those smaller files sucks and for good reason they've been pretty near obsolete for over a decade. ( good luck finding a 24k version of anything these days.)...Neil is making an argument that may have been valid 15 years ago, but now is no longer even a consideration

  Here is a great test that you can do at home..... A B test: Create a playlist containing 2 tracks of the same song, one is the 256k mP3 track and one is the WAV or FLAC track...be sure to randomize the track order but keep the tracks paired together. Then you choose which one the WAV OR FLAC track is. Do this 16 times and if your answer around 50% right, you cant tell which is which. I got 7 right out of 16 for 44%......SO I cant tell the difference, and I have pro speakers, pro headphones, etc......I'm a professional musician.

Besides performing music that hasn't been relevent for over 40 years, writing an album of love songs to a car, and turning his back on his country in order to make a buck, Neil Young is once again just proving to the world how out of touch he is.

Comment: Disable/Remap? (Score 0) 301

by bukowski90210 (#43060427) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Software To Help Stay On Task?

Depending on what you are using, you could either remap or disable the alt-tab hot key so that switching between apps isn't instantaneous or isn't nearly as easy. If you had to type in a url or make a combination of key/mouse clicks to get to where you want to, you would be less apt to bother because a: it's more of a pain and b: you have more time to become aware of your impulse and therefore you can act on it with your conscious mind. It's just a matter of setting up your desktop to work for you and not against you.

Comment: Re:Make up your mind.... (Score 0) 128

by bukowski90210 (#41802719) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Funding Models For a Free E-book?

Well, whether you like it or not your ebook will be dl'ed for free and at will if anyone is interested enough. If you wish to gain profit at all, don't offer your work for free...that is certainly going to happen anyways. You are bound by your medium and the free-sharing of intellectual property is inherent.

Comment: huge demand for even old smartphones. (Score 1) 285

by bukowski90210 (#41719875) Attached to: Smartphone Mugging More Popular Than Ever

Luckily I've never had my phone stolen. But recently I listed my old iPhone 3G on craigslist and was surprised to have completed the sale within an hour of the posting. People lose their phones all the time, but can't cancel their plans without paying huge fees. If there is this kind of demand, then there is no way that it can possibly be policed.

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