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Comment: Re:I don't mind driving (Score 1) 307

by bughunter (#48378961) Attached to: I'm most interested in robots that will...

And the entire time my stomach would be churning from me worrying about all the additional failure modes offered by such an arrangement. Even with humans handling the luggage, about a third of my recent family trips (necessarily involving two checked items per person) have seen one or more bags get lost or delayed.

I'm not a luddite, but I'm not an early adopter either. Until the bugs are worked out of a robotic valet-slash-chauffeur, I'll still be most relaxed when I can just put a carry-on in the overhead bin.

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You know, sex robots have been a prominent trope in SF and geekdom practically since the word was coined, but the idea doesn't do anything for me.

I require the other participant to express honest desire, act on it, and receive real pleasure. I prefer a photo or video recording of such behavior over a machine, or even a real person who's just faking it.

I dunno, maybe that makes me weird or something...

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by bughunter (#48190599) Attached to: NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew

You'd have a planet whose entire population would have synchronized menses.

Although I suspect that if they wanted to, the mission planners could issue de-synced birth control regimens to force the cycles out of step. Not sure if there's a reason, to but I wouldn't be surprised if someone tries it during long mission isolation experiments.

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Wish I had a mod point for you today.

I'm very unhappy with the state of PBS in Los Angeles.

For the second biggest TV market in the US, it has a miserable selection of mediocre PBS stations, and very little original content (unlike say WGBH or KQED) but it seems like KOCE is slowly stepping up its game...

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