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Comment Re:97% odds against either winning all flips fairl (Score 2) 634

True that. I have twice rolled three twenties in a row on a twenty-sider. In 35 years of game play. 20^3=8000, so I don't have a hard time believing a 1 in 64 chance.

(The first time, I was a guest player. The regular players demanded to inspect my dice, and when they found out they were normal dice, they were stunned.)

(The second time was with my regular group. They made me wash my smelly feet, and when I returned to the table, I rolled three twenties in a row. The stuff of legend... )

Comment Re:Physical CDs ... (Score 1) 105

That's because people over 40 remember when the record industry model was that you pay once buy a recording and can listen to it until you wear it out.

Now they're trying to change the model into pay per listen. To us onion-belters, it's just wrong. But my 20-something nieces don't think twice about it.

Comment Re:What the heck is a 'threat to humanity'? (Score 1) 235

I took him to mean total extinction, with no specific prediction of how or when.

Forgot the attribution, but someone summarized it as "every day, we get closer to the day when one person can wipe out Humanity."

It's related to the Fermi Paradox... where are all the other civilizations out there? One answer is that they all went extinct before they could grow big enough to detect. And many of them may have done it to themselves.

Comment POP/IMAP Affected Also? (Score 1) 37

I take it you have to run a script in the email while reading it with the Yahoo web client open, so using a local client is safe. (I don't open mail from people I don't know anyway... and even then, scripts and images are disabled in my client.)

I was able to get, so not only do I still use it, but I pay $20 annually for IMAP/SMTP access. I use Thunderbird or iOS Mail to read my mail and only rarely and occasionally use the web client to read mail.

However, their stupid security settings require that I sign into the web client every two weeks to re-enable IMAP.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 2) 414

Exactly my reaction to TFA. He expresses the desire to spend tens or even hundreds of Gigabucks to retire on a hellishly inhospitable planet, with little likelihood of return, and their reaction is to call him privileged and accuse him of going Galt?

There are so many better places on Earth to abandon the proles and go "live the good life," without having to spend all of your fortunes on getting there.

Comment Untestable? (Score 1) 383

If String Theory makes no testable predictions, then why was I just reading this, over at AAAS? FTA:

Working with a few lasers and mirrors, physicists at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in Batavia, Illinois, have been trying to test a wild idea from string theory: that our universe may be like an enormous hologram.

The full article from Science is paywalled. Is this just an instance of clueless science writing?

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