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Comment Re:As if it matters (Score 1) 263

That's very similar to my idea to turn out more voters: Make it a game of chance, like one of those video slot machines.

Punch in your candidate selections and press the VOTE AND SPIN button. Head shots of politicians scroll by in three or four columns, and if they all line up the same, you win a cash prize!

The odds don't even have to be very good. If you give them even the tiniest chance to win something, voters will turn out in droves.

Comment Re:Here's one suggestion. (Score 1) 263

And in many parts of the country, the pols working at the county and parish levels are notoriously corrupt. Just look at this week's story about the Waco Police's handling of the Twin Peaks shootout. The town is run by a good ole boy network. And I've lived in just about every Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast state South of Virginia and this is the norm for rural communities, and many non-rural.

Now I live in So Cal, and it's being revealed that more and more urban communities suffer the same corruption.

To these people, vulnerabilities and back doors are features, not bugs.

Comment Re:From whose point of view? (Score 4, Informative) 124

hey I was near a half mile or a mile away. Or even two miles away. The airline pilots are saying - get the hell out of my way.

First, how the hell can something two miles distant be in your way? Christ, you can't even see a drone from two miles.

Second, RTFA. The FAA is classifying pilot reports of model rockets and buzzards as civilian drone near misses, as well as military drones and unidentified objects at altitudes impossible for hobby and commercial UAVs to reach.

Comment Accuracy? (Score 3, Insightful) 124

so legislators have accurate information from which to design regulations

Pfft! Since when have legislators ever cared about the accuracy of information when drafting bills? If Congress decides it wants to demonize hobbyist drones, it's going to do so regardless of what the FAA reports.

Since 9-11, concresscritters on both sides of the aisle have habitually either knowingly and willingly consumed disinformation, or ignored accurate information when it didn't support their predetermined goals.

Comment Re:Wow, /. has gone full winger retard (Score 1) 71

Yea, even metamods punish upmodding of liberal posts. I get less mod points less often if I promote ideas that are conservative bogeymen.

Worse, even if a post gets to a +5, if it's got ideas or statements that conservative trolls want to suppress, then they'll send in their moderator accounts the following day, after the story falls off the front page, to mod the post down to 0 or -1 so that when the thread gets archived, that score is locked in.

Amazing how they're able to do that. They must have an army of sockpuppets.

Comment Re:Password reuse? (Score 1) 148

Not to mention the Gawker hack victims.

I had dozens of sites I had to go change passwords on. Good thing I keep a list of what username/password combinations I use where, and the one I had used for Gawker was the one I use for "throwaway" comment board registrations.

Unfortunately, it was also very close to passwords I use for slightly more security, like work and email, so I had to change those, too.

Comment Re:Apple's Days Are Numbered (small number) (Score 1) 508

What's happening is that all the concepts that Jobs squashed are getting raised again, by people who have now moved up a little in the company, and top management is too stupid to squash them again.

When Jobs fell ill, the software started to suck. Now that he's gone forever, the hardware's starting to suck, too.

I refuse to upgrade past OSX 10.8. And the 17" macbook pro I bought the day after they announced its discontinuation 3 years ago may be my last Mac.

Unfortunately, Microsoft's decline into the depths of suckage is going even faster.

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