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Open-Government Technique Used on Iraqi Documents 243

Posted by Zonk
from the you're-not-busy-this-week dept.
stalebread writes "MSNBC has an article looking at an internet-based 'many hands make light work' approach to data sifting. From the article: 'The federal government is making public a huge trove of documents seized during the invasion of Iraq, posting them on the Internet in a step that is at once a nod to the Web's power and an admission that U.S. intelligence resources are overloaded. Web surfers have begun posting translations and comments, digging through the documents with gusto.'"

Comment: Re:Two hits in the efficiency chain? (Score 1) 246

by buford_tannen (#13759840) Attached to: Splashpower Boasts Wireless Power
By Lenz's Law, the only way that you can get a magnetic field from electric current is to have a current input varying in the time domain (AC).

It's the other way around. The only way you can get electric current from a magnetic field is to have the field input varying in the time domain.

Otherwise how would my MRI magnets produce a magnetic field? (DC current is "stored" on the superconducting coil inside them)

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