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Comment: Re:Why is the Local Group moving closer? (Score 1) 111

by budgenator (#47571103) Attached to: The Milky Way Is Much Less Massive Than Previous Thought

I'd assume that all galaxy groups are Gravitationally bound, and when looking at the group you're in, the galaxies would appear to be closing, while the other groups would appear to be opening; this is an effect of Hubble's law, everything is moving away from any observer at 67.80±0.77 (km/s)/ Mpc, thus the farther away, the faster it is going away no matter where you are . Even at that, I've seen several Hubble images showing galaxies colliding just like we're about to do with Andromeda.

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by budgenator (#47559541) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

My understanding is the Palestinians were offered citizenship in Isreal when it formed, and the surrounding Muslim countries promised the Palestinians that they would push Isreal into the sea if the Palestinians refused Israeli citizenship, and the Palestinians are still waiting. Being Palestinian really has to suck, they're treated worse by their allies than they are by their enemies.

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khallow, he just doesn't understand about application of statistical data, and repeats what he reads from nuclear FUD websites. You won't get a logical response to this obvious point.

I'm an astronomer who is also interested in music, especially sacred, and global warming. In astronomy, I've worked mainly on how intertellar dust can reveal the presence of super massive blackholes. ... For a number of years I've been involved in attempting to reverse global warming. I'm a member of the Green Party of the United States EcoAction committee and have helped to develop energy policy for the party. Very recently, I've gotten involved in a startup that plans to rent solar photovoltaic systems in the residential market. mdsolar (1045926)

Obviously he is more than capable of inderstanding the stats, whether he's willing to, due to conflicting vested interests and ideology is a different matter.

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My understanding is all we know about a blackhole is their mass, charge and angular momentum, everything else is either implied or assumed. We know density is a measure of an amount of mass in a volume of space; we know the mass of a blackhole but the volume is unknown, time-space become undefined at the event horizon and something divided by undefined is undefined not infinite. It's just as likely that as the event horizon forms, the amount of time-space "inside" the event horizon increases due to time-space curvature and ergo the volume increased so the density could actually decrease.

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The problem with using desal plants supplying the Great Basin Desert would be that the process doesn't eliminate the sodium in the water, it only reduces it to potable levels; sodium builds up in the soil and eventually becomes toxic to the plants. How long this takes depend on how much salt is left in the irrigation water and how much rain actually falls to wash out the excess salt.

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