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Comment: Re:The whole article is just trolling (Score 1) 616

by budgenator (#47967997) Attached to: How Our Botched Understanding of "Science" Ruins Everything

His bigging up experiment at the expense of observation is so he can get his AGW denying bit in.

Which "AGW denying bit" would that be? It can't be the part about observation because it hasn't gotten any warmer for the past 18 years, so there would be no warming to be observed.

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by budgenator (#47960275) Attached to: Fork of Systemd Leads To Lightweight Uselessd

kill -1 send the SIGHUP

The SIGHUP signal is sent to a process when its controlling terminal is closed. It was originally designed to notify the process of a serial line drop (a hangup). In modern systems, this signal usually means that the controlling pseudo or virtual terminal has been closed.[3] Many daemons will reload their configuration files and reopen their logfiles instead of exiting when receiving this signal.[4] nohup is a command to make a command ignore the signal.

  these signals

Signals are a limited form of inter-process communication used in Unix, Unix-like, and other POSIX-compliant operating systems. A signal is an asynchronous notification sent to a process or to a specific thread within the same process in order to notify it of an event that occurred. Signals have been around since the 1970s Bell Labs Unix and have been more recently specified in the POSIX standard.

  are required for POSIX compliance, so not only are they required for UNIX programing, but for windows as well. Usually if I'm going to kill a process manually, i just use

kill -9

, which sends the SIGKILL

The SIGKILL signal is sent to a process to cause it to terminate immediately (kill). In contrast to SIGTERM and SIGINT, this signal cannot be caught or ignored, and the receiving process cannot perform any clean-up upon receiving this signal.

a more agressive, "the only way to be sure is to nuc em from orbit" thing.

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The funny thing is the only times I've encountered a blatantly foul-mouthed homeless people, it was obvious that they were deep into a psycotic delusional hallucination, the more normal homeless people were quite respectfull; it hard to pan-handle sucessfully from people you're insulting.

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I don't know where your at, but in the mid-thumb area, we've had about 2 weeks of what we would have in a normal summer, our typical August drought was replaced with record rains, and fall came at least 3 weeks early. Solar irradiance is down, there is no serious El Nino on the horizon, Arctic Sea Ice is higher than any time in the last 5 years, so I'm hoping for slightly worse, but I've already got a shovel in the car, I'm putting together a go-bag with a weeks worst of necessities to take with me to work and I'm thinking about buying snowshoes for the car! Global Warming is likely to become a fond memory I'm afraid.

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If Boeing gets the same "Bang for the Buck" that SpaceX gets that's a very valid point, but my suspicion is SpaceX is going to get more bang for the buck than Boeing can. SpaceX has one mission, but Boeing has it's finger's into a lot of pies and that has to color their respective corporate cultures.

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I feel guilty driving a newer model Honda Civic knowing that if I bought something cheaper I could maybe feed someone less fortunate.

Oh bullshit, if you were going to feed somebody, you would just do it. The price of a Honda isn't going to keep you from send $5.00 to the soap-kitchen or UNICEF.

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Thanks for the link, when I went to International Business Times, the light on my laptop's camera flashed, which makes me suspicious about the website's safety. The content at IBT looks a lot like they cut and pasted a provided article and lost considerable meaning.

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It's what Cairns-Smith called the bomb in the basement of modern physics.
I interpret it as suggesting that even after you've described all particles, forces, fields and laws, there will still be something left to explain. Also known as "some things transcend Human understanding". You can be an atheist and believe this, by the way.

Yes indeed, It's approximately 4.669 201 609 102 990 671 853 203 821 578(...). We want a Deterministic system and predictable on an emotional level, it feeds our needs in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, if we don't find order and predictability in our religion, we tend to look to science.
Science can't yield the predictability because the initial conditions are unknowable in the microseconds of the big bang.

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