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Comment: Re:Why the cloak and dagger? (Score 1) 154

by budgenator (#48205251) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Aging and Orphan Open Source Projects?

Genrally is not specifically, Most of the GPL' conditions apply to responsibilities that are incured when you distribute not when you develope for internal use. It's perfectly legal to aquire and modify GPLed software or even develope for internal use without giving back to up-stream developers; most consider not giving back to up-stream developers rude and bad form, but it's legal.

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Non-profit just means that expenses are reasonably close to revenues, and there is limits to how much money they can sock away for future expenses and capital; basically that means instead of paying a dividend to stockholders that anyone can become, it all must go into bonuses or a liquid asset. We have two non-profit hospitals and they are constantly expanding and buying and selling property like some kind of malignancy because they can't hold assets as money. There is no inherent goodness involved with being a non-profit and much less inhibition to badness because of the erroneously perceived goodness.

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by budgenator (#48188979) Attached to: The Largest Ship In the World Is Being Built In Korea

A lot of Lakers are pushing a 1000 ft and you have to be 740ft or less to get through the lower locks, so they're not getting built in Korea. This also make the Saltys we see look kind of puny; but still it's pretty spectactular when they bounce a 740 foot ocean-going freighter off the seawall, they have to run 8MPH just to maintain steering, so that's a lot of momentum going down-bound.

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by budgenator (#48165011) Attached to: Michigan About To Ban Tesla Sales

State laws can shut down a store, even if the products there are from out of state.
State laws can say a type of car can't be operated on roads in the state.
State laws can prevent a type of car from being registered.

Sure the States can do all of that, and the Dept of Transportation can send a couple hundred million in highway funds elsewhere.

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by budgenator (#48163665) Attached to: Pentagon Reportedly Hushed Up Chemical Weapons Finds In Iraq

Seriously If you agree to report them, and the treaty doesn't specify a time period then it's for as far as your able; there are farmers in France that would be very happy if somebody would come in and clear all of that old chemical shit and unexploded munitions from their fields and yes Mustard from WW I still causes burn even today. Quite a bit of chemical weapons got dumped into the Baltic Sea after Germany surrendered and it's keeps turning up also.

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Typical Liberal-progressive think, there was chemical weapons in Iraq period. Saddam signed a cease-fire saying he would report all WMD and to allow UN weapons inspectors to inspect for unreported WMD. He failed to satisfy the treaty and the war resumed. Nothing about old vs new WMD was needed.

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