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Comment Re:Comcast offices built like fortresses (Score 1) 176

Comcast has the security measures because their customer service is terrible enough to inspire violence in regular everyday people (there have been incidents).

Nah it's OSHA required due to potential work-place violence, they don't care about a few service 'droids, but an OSHA fine involves money.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 1) 173

Actually it's a pretty common problem, sometimes the utility has to build a substation it's a rather large capital expense. A local paper plant has their own electrical generation plant and they pay the local utility as much in lease payments on their substation to maintain backup power as they would to buy the electricity, they save on waste ligin disposal fees and get a tax credit for being powered by a renewable power source (they burn a ligin/diesel mixture) to make it worthwhile.

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1305

Back in the day, an AC post was almost unused unless someone had inside information that an employer or government would have found uncomfortable and would be likely to retaliate against the poster for divulging; Now it's just a "I'm too lazy to register an account" thing. It really undermines the user moderation system and makes the comment notices ineffective, basically gutting what makes /. /. Maybe if we made posting anonymously without having logged in from a registered account watch do an advertiser's activity like on pandora or watch a youtube style ad, it would cut down these Drive-by Anonymous Cowards, additionally if you post AC from an account, any moderation should count for or against you.

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