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Comment: Re:Laser Printer (Score 1) 442

by buddhahat (#21752058) Attached to: HP & Staples Collude On $8,000/Gallon Ink?
I print photos on an Epson 2400. The color (and option to print neutral B&W) and paper/size options afforded to me far surpasses what Walmart can provide. Granted I don't print snapshots on my Epson but I just wanted to respond the sweeping statement against ink jets of the OP.

Also, I use 3rd party refillable carts (which are now "illegal" due to recent court ruling) and have been very happy with the cost performance.

Fleischmann to Work on Commercial Fusion Heater 245

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the household-fusion dept.
deeptrace writes "California company D2Fusion has announced they are hiring Dr. Martin Fleischmann (of 'Pons and Fleischmann' fame). The company belives that they can produce a commercial fusion based home heating prototype within a year. They are also looking at other applications, such as using it as a heat source for a commercially available Stirling electrical generator."

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