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But who cares when you're trying to compare network sizes?

They're pointing out that they have the power to shut off or control a large number of devices. Imagine if the GSM LTE protocol was worked such that anything on the network had to be capable of showing an ad from one of the telco's choosings?

It might even work in their favor to be able to target someone repeatedly. It's not about how many eyeballs you get to it's how targeted can you make your ad to the eyeball it does get.

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I had to have a 'talk' with counselors after I said I thought they had a decent plan. Then offered improvements on their design and how much easier it would be at my school (because of how they lock the doors) just to prevent this same thing from happening.

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Journal: KVM recommendations

Journal by Tet

I appear to be in the market for a new KVM as my current one has all but stopped working. Any recommendations? Minimum 4 outputs. *Must* do VGA. My current one has mini-DIN for keyboard and mouse, which has sort of worked some of the time with USB-PS2 converters. I could probably go for a full USB only one, but I'd need to get new cables.

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