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Comment: Re:How long does he think those books will last? (Score 1) 669 669

The oldest books I have are from 1715. I also have a Bible from 1726. The print is still readable and the paper is heavier than any book I've recently purchased. My oldest hand-written item is from 1534 and it is written on vellum and still legible, albeit Latin. Books today have flimsy bindings and paper. I can't imagine many books lasting for hundreds of years. That's my opinion however!

Comment: Triangle? (Score 1) 314 314

Ironically, living in the Research Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC) means some of the slowest choices available for home internet access. There are some places that can get AT&T Uverse here, but otherwise it is all DSL or Cable. I would definitely sign up for this access if I could get it. Then again, Time Warner cable has been buying legislators to pass laws restricting municipal broadband plans like the recent one in Wilson, NC.

Comment: Re:Kudos (Score 1) 337 337

I have experience with oversteer at VIR. Last time I missed the apex in turns 1-2, probably hit 125 on the straight leading up to it, and didn't brake nearly hard enough. Well my instructor was shouting "You're missing the apex" so I turned in just a touch more... I hadn't had any problems for two days until this very last session. I turned in too much and spun out in my C6 Corvette. Pretty exciting! Everyone should do at least a few days of performance driving and we'd all be safer drivers.

Comment: Re:Chose Linux support over PSN (Score 2, Interesting) 171 171

I went ahead and bought a new PS3 slim and kept my old PS3 with the 3.15 firmware on it. I also sent the FTC and state attorney general a complaint about this problem and a week ago the attorney general formally sent Sony a complaint letter. I seriously doubt anything will happen, but at least it made me feel better. For all the moaning about the linux support removal, I'm sure hardly anybody did anything about it except complain on message boards. Maybe I can sell the USAF my old PS3.
Operating Systems

Sony Refuses To Sanction PS3 "Other OS" Refunds 396 396

Stoobalou writes "Sony says that it has no intention of reimbursing retailers if they offer users partial refunds for fat PS3s. Last week, the first PS3 user successfully secured a partial refund from Amazon UK as compensation for the removal of the ability to run Linux on the console. The user quoted European law in order to persuade the online retailer that the goods he had bought in good faith were no longer fit for his purposes because of the enforcement of firmware update 3.21, which meant that users who chose to keep the Other OS functionality would lose the ability to play the latest games or connect to the PlayStation Network."

Comment: I have lots of friends who are teachers (Score 1) 590 590

and without a doubt they all hate it. A couple have master's degrees and for that they get an extra $1000/per year. They work practically all day into the evening grading papers, coming up with lesson plans, meeting with parents, etc. One friend who stopped teaching just couldn't afford to do it anymore, because she was paying for her own teaching and students' school supplies out of her paycheck, which she said was around $1000 per year. I know two other teachers who have quit as well, one saying how she ended up just being a babysitter to problem children.

Good for them for selling their lesson plans! I know if and when I have children, the teachers will be well funded, I'll have none of this BS about teachers paying for the kids with loser parents. That's what those parents are, because if you can't afford $5/month for pencils and paper then WTF are you doing?

The Military

Rise of the Robot Squadrons 245 245

Velcroman1 writes 'Taking a cue from the Terminator films, the US Navy is developing unmanned drones that network together and operate in 'swarms.' Predator drones have proven one of the most effective — and most controversial — weapons in the military arsenal. And now, these unmanned aircraft are talking to each other. Until now, each drone was controlled remotely by a single person over a satellite link. A new tech, demoed last week by NAVAIR, adds brains to those drones and allows one person to control a small squadron of them in an intelligent, semiautonomous network.'
Real Time Strategy (Games)

Review: Halo Wars 177 177

The success of the Halo franchise is unquestionable. Bungie's trilogy of first-person shooters established a standard against which most similar games have been judged for the past eight years. Thus, when Ensemble Studios picked up the task of bringing the Halo universe to real-time strategy, they faced two separate mountains to climb: maintaining the high quality demanded by fans of the series and developing for a genre that traditionally translates poorly to console play. Fortunately, they had a head start on the latter, bringing in a wealth of experience from the Age of Empires series. Creating an intuitive and dependable control scheme was a top priority, and their success in doing so makes Halo Wars a worthy addition to the series. Read on for the rest of my thoughts.

New Google Favicon Deja Vu All Over Again? 227 227

theodp writes "Last June, Google rolled out a new favicon, the small branding icon that graces your URL bar when you visit Google. Which, as it turned out, bore a striking similarity to Garth Brooks' Circle-G logo. Well, Google went back to the drawing board and has come back with a new favicon, which it says was inspired by — not copied from, mind you — its users' submitted ideas. Some are also seeing inspiration elsewhere for the new favicon, which consists of white 'g' on a background of four color swatches. Take the AVG antivirus icon, for instance. Or everybody's favorite memory toy, Simon. Or — in perhaps the unkindest cut of all — the four-color Microsoft Windows logo, shown here with a superimposed white '7'. Anything else come to mind?" What comes to mind for me is just how obsessed many people are with the Google favicon.

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