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Comment: Re:we are far closer to the tyrannical model (Score 1) 49

Trickling the information out has seemed to desensitize the general population. People that think this all is BS, think so even more after each leak. People on the fence or indifferent, seems to have the effect of slowly boiling a frog vs tossing it in.

Comment: Re:Account number? (Score 1) 289

I have zero faith in the US justice system. From police officers only pursuing people they don't like, via officer discretion, all the way to judges who heavily favor women in custody / divorce, to women teachers getting slapped on the wrist for having sex with underage kids, to high profile cases that are a mockery of justice (OJ, Casie Anthony, Trayvon). Doesn't seem to matter what you did, only matters how people feel about you.

Comment: Re: You don't ban something... (Score 1) 421

by buck-yar (#49413175) Attached to: Powdered Alcohol Banned In Six States

Or how someone can ride a bicycle 2 wide on public roads, but I can't drive my ATV (even if legally registered and insured).

- 99% don't follow any traffic laws (ie going through a stop sign at full speed)
- Don't pay a gas tax
- Aren't registered to be on the road
- Aren't inspected for safety (cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles all have to be in my state)
- Don't carry insurance
- Can't keep up with the flow of traffic, and IMO are extremely unsafe (2 lane road most people pass bicycles when unsafe, coming into my lane and seemingly play chicken where it looks like a headon is about to happen)

Yet ATVs are banned. Its all about who uses such vehicles. In my state, its lawyers, doctors, etc the uppidity crowd that bicycles and the poorer folks that ATV. They even shut main roads down for bicycle races, using police and other public resources for their entertainment. Can anyone imagine police closing off public roads for an ATV race?

The govt favors some and craps on others.

Comment: Re:Big deal ... not! (Score 1) 113

I dealt with this. Plead no contest to driving without insurance because I didn't have it on me at the time and couldn't make the court date (had a mfg job, it was 2009 and 1/3rd of the company was laid off that month). I asked if I could swing by the police station later and show my insurance, he said said no- bring it to court. So plead no contest ($149 fine, cheaper than losing my job I thought). Was put on SR22 insurance and 4 years later during a 2 week thanksgiving vacation I let my insurance lapse for a few days as I wasn't driving and knew it, figured I'd save a couple of dollars by renewing on Sunday when I started driving again. Never drove once without insurance but I received a license suspension notice in the mail a few days earlier. Had to submit several forms and pay fees despite never doing anything wrong.

Govt's watch you like a hawk and come down with great swiftness if you hiccup in the slightest.

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