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Comment Re:Slippery Slope (Score 1) 92

And for typing this, you are now on a list of "right wing terrorists" that is more concerning to the govt than Islamic terrorists.

By posting under AC, you are aware of how treasonous you have become.

But fear not, fellow slashdotters. This terrorist will be monitored as the cybersecurity bill will allow govt to view the Dice server contents and determine the real identity behind this terrorism post.

Comment Re:That's not the answer! (Score 1) 228

I made a post about it on and was told that if they are flying below 500ft, that is an FAA issue. Further a pilot chimed in and said that since the topography of the farm was above surrounding areas, it was likely they were using their altimeter to stay at +500 feet and some terrain below them would rise up at some points during their flight. The pilot thought the FAA wouldn't think much of it.

Cows getting spooked is hard to put a $ amount to. Although I suspect loss in milk production (it doesn't take much, doing chores 1 hour late upsets the herd).

Comment Re:That's not the answer! (Score 0) 228

DEA helicopter nightly fly 300 or so feet above my fathers dairy farm nightly. So low that things rattle in his house and it scares the cattle.

You don't own 1 inch above your land.

Someone can be on your land without permission in most states, unless you have your land posted. Then you have to ask them to leave, if they do not, you can make a complaint to the police. IIRC case law says its not trespassing unless its walled in on 4 sides or a building.

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