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Comment Re:Psychology more scientific than cancer studies? (Score -1, Troll) 239

They're idiots, failure to keep up on the bleeding edge. Only studies that matter when it comes to cancer are studies about dichloroacetate and PDC/PDK or HIF. I'm boggled at how the medical community refuses to open their eyes to the cure to most cancers.

Comment Re:It's the base assumption that its invalid (Score 1) 392

We have the Bill of Rights because some people thought we needed to create a confusing redundant wording that explicitly enumerates some rights. Creating the idea that if a right is not enumerated, it is not retained. Even more confusing is the attempt at reversing this mistake with the 9th and 10th amendments.

Comment Re:Something wrong there (Score 0) 549

I avoid an accident a week. Sounds like the google car can't avoid not-at-fault accidents like humans can.

There are many horrible drivers out there, as driving seems to have become a right. Computer driving system needs to avoid all accidents, not just proclaim after each one "its not its fault!"

Of course you can't flap your arms and fly to the moon. After a while you'd run out of air to push against.