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by buchner.johannes (#48438593) Attached to: CERN Releases LHC Data

I was told, at a NSF meeting not many months ago, that CERN never makes its data openly available and never would and that US scientists should just plan on getting European collaborators if they want to work on it.

Now, if we just get ESA to start releasing the Rosetta data...

Most of the instruments (e.g. electronics) have a large US contribution. CERN operates the ring, but the instruments are "clients", which are international research teams. That was the vision of CERN after the second world war -- bring leading science to Europe, and make research in Europe attractive. Particle physics was chosen back then.

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by buchner.johannes (#48416813) Attached to: Debian Votes Against Mandating Non-systemd Compatibility

I think the way forward will be a lot of systemd forks that strip away functionality, and implement other functionality. That which will bring about the need for a common, standardized interface. And then, choice in init systems will be an option again (but timezoned, hostnamed, logind will be required).

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by buchner.johannes (#48301687) Attached to: YouTube Opens Up 60fps To Everyone

I don't get it. Why do the programmers working on browsers even write video support at all? No, I'm not saying browsers shouldn't support embedded video. But why does every browser have to reinvent that wheel? Isn't HTML, CSS and Javascript enough to have to support? I would think they would just link in libraries from a project which IS a video player like mplayer of xine or vlc or something. Then they should support whatever formats and framerates that player supports for free!

People tried that, 15-10 years ago. It did not work.
The reason it did not work is because it required every computer user to make sure their install is working, and the website could not fix setup problems. The user got the feeling that the website did not work and unusable. Sometimes this is justified, when you do not have install rights on the computer (e.g. labs). Websites started to offer plugin/viewer downloads, which caused a lot of malware problems.
Implementing it in the browser solves this problem. Implementation in HTML/CSS/JS on each website would not be enough, because the video data has to be streamed onto the graphic card for fast enough support.

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Since when did Linux become known for stability and avoidance of latest/greatest? When exactly was it that Linux became a legacy style OS?

He was talking about Debian, which is generally a long-term, server operating system, unless you use the unstable/testing branches.

Comment: Complain to choosers, not creators (Score 2) 993

Complain to your distributions!
When someone writes open source software, it is always take it or leave it. Systemd was taken up, because it was the better solution for distros.
Why on earth would you complain about someone adding another choice? Complain about the people not writing alternative packages!

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