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Comment Re:The lack of concern about systemd is concerning (Score 1) 246

Every distribution was about to move away from init anyways, it was more of a question to where. Would you prefer upstart?

Because that is really the false proposition here.

  • People say "Oh, they made the wrong choice dropping sysvinit and moving to systemd, they should have stayed with sysvinit. It was much better because binary logs & UNIX philosophy."
  • Distros where saying "We *need* a replacement for sysvinit for good reasons (read the long debian mailing list discussions and from the upstart people), we considered the options and chose systemd over upstart. And now we are quite happy with it."

Make a fork of systemd and strip it down. Or contribute patches for packages so they are more loosely coupled.

Comment Re:Programming error (Score 4, Informative) 146

But that was not the problem.
They converted username & password to lowercase, and stored username, MD5("username::password") additionally to bcrypt2("username::password"). The MD5 hashes were resolved now, which is what this article is about. If they had not unnecessarily stored the MD5 hashes (probably a legacy field in the database, because only present for 11 of 36 million users), there would be no problem. Converting the password to lowercase was also unnecessary. The bcrypt2 passwords remain uncracked -- the remaining 25 million user entries still are secure as far as we can tell.

Article here:

Comment Re:The Linux community is destroying itself. (Score 1) 232

Let me re-write that:
"KDE should be the default DE for everyone because I like it more"
"Software should have never been created, because having more choice in FOSS software is somehow bad for the Linux ecosystem."
Can you find the logic?

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 2, Insightful) 320

This comic claims that climate change is one of the triggers (combined with the authoritarian regime, of course):

The UN has warned for years that climate change will lead to water and food shortages, and therefore political instabilities. This seems to be the first clear example, with probably many to follow as deserts expand.

Comment Re:Their work is being wasted. (Score 1) 142

* If you suspend your laptop, then resume, the network manager prompts you to ask whether you want to reconnect to the WiFi point which you were using before. Why? It doesn't prompt you at boot, just after a resume. Yes, of course I want to carry on using the WiFi I was using a moment ago.

I have never had that problem. Must be a problem with your configuration? File a bug or ask on IRC.

* By default, if you drag a window to the top of the screen it causes the window to be maximised. Yes, I know they copied this from some other desktop, but it doesn't make it any less idiotic. It's overloading a gesture to do something different, and leaving you no way to do the old thing which the gesture used to do. It doesn't even make it any easier to maximise a window, because you could always double click on the title bar to achieve the same thing. It does however mean that if you want a number of tall windows (making best use of your large monitor) you have to jump through hoops to achieve what should be easy.

Doubtless others can provide lots of other examples.

I always use Super (aka Windows-Key) + Click + Drag to move the window around. Then you don't have to grab the top of the window, it works on the entire are. Also try Super + Rightclick for resizing. Works on almost all window managers.

Comment Re:Their work is being wasted. (Score 2) 142

"Gentoo fucks up the compilation part to a large extent" ... no it doesn't. It is true though that Gentoo upgrades sometimes need attention for resolving blocks. But in return you get a bleeding-edge, super-stable, polished system. It is extremely rare to see compilation errors, and they are usually fixed within days. Gentoo is a big community...

As for GNOME 3, I use it and I like it. It gets notifications out of the way until I have time and focus to attend to them. It does everything I need it to, it is consistently designed and behaves smoothly.

I don't get all the GNOME3 hate. I guess you want something that behaves like Windows 95-2000, but configurable. Great, enjoy KDE, GNOME 2, Xfce or whatever GNOME fork. But not all of us want to relive that time forever.

PS: KDE's Akonadi is a major screw-up.

Comment Re:Jblues, spin-doctor hired by the Malay regime (Score 1) 121

To all, if you really want to know the truth, please go find out what has happened to Ms. Lina Joy, a Malay Muslim who converted into Christianity and ended up being forcefully locked up and is being brain-washed by the Malay regime.

The following link tells all !

The link does not say that. It says that it is a difficult bureaucratic process. The link also states that 16 people have before renounced Islam and converted to another religion.

Comment Re:It's been 24 years (Score 1, Informative) 152

It has been fixed in the kernel, but many programs and libraries still use (sometimes accidentally casting into) 32 bit ints, and even parts of the Linux Kernel, such as file systems. Databases also use 32 bit timestamps. So deployment of a Linux kernel with 64bit time_t will not automatically heal everything.

Some links:
I like this one: "What's the worst that could happen?" :)

Comment Open source command interface? (Score 1) 99

Is there any open-source voice command interface? Something simple, which runs commands?

I would even be happy if I could record some commands and define what to run when I say that. Or if it had some learning interface where I can define "oh I meant that existing command, next time you know this pronounciation variant".

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