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Comment: Re:Slashdot comments indicative of the problem (Score 1) 1195

I liked this comment: "Her arguments [are] open to plenty of valid criticism that the female gender is not always misused in video games."
So many things wrong with this sentence. Somehow, people have the urge to bend their view so the troll side, and their means of death threats, is also justified.

Comment: Re:So I'm confused... (Score 1) 69

by buchner.johannes (#47703581) Attached to: Iceland's Seismic Activity: A Repeat Show for Atmospheric Ash?

...the headline and article summary at the top says that air travel is threatened

Read again. The headline and the beginning just state that ash can be expelled again, and we remember this from last time when it caused air travel to stop. It does not say air travel is threatened.
In fact, by the end of the last event, I believe it has been established that those ash clouds do not harm the air planes, and you can just fly through them without worry (Airplane companies' CEOs got together to do a fly-through to inspire confidence). Anyone got more detail on that?

Comment: Re:What trolls (Score 3, Interesting) 382

by buchner.johannes (#47694477) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?

The reality of the internet is different for different groups of people. Everybody lives in their own bubble depending on what websites they log into, and what software they use. That also dominates the civility or absence thereof.

Remember back when you were 14, what you understood as the Internet was an entirely different thing. All of us have made one or a few transitions between the bubbles -- but it is extremely difficult to do so except serendipitously or through contacts.

Comment: Re:Bullshit.... (Score 1) 133

by buchner.johannes (#47555897) Attached to: A Fictional Compression Metric Moves Into the Real World

This point comes up often in genetic algorithms, when more than one quantity should be optimized for. A common solution is to build a Pareto frontier, and declare them the best.

A combination between two quantities is always a personal weighting. It may be useful, but it may also be limited in application. In the case here, the balance between compression speed and achieved size is too personal to be general-purpose, but perhaps the metric is useful for the use case of TV streaming content providers.

Comment: Re:No (Score 1) 381

by buchner.johannes (#47441071) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

A smart watch is a smart phone with less functionality that you have to wear around your wrist. I don't understand the appeal at all. Everything it does a smart phone does better, only a smart phone is not strapped to one of your body parts.

A smart phone is a laptop with less functionality that you have to put in your pocket. I don't understand the appeal at all. Everything it does a laptop does better.

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