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Comment Re: Can't understand the obsession with TrueCrypt (Score 1) 106

"It's theoretically possible for dm-crypt/luks to have a MacOS, WIndows, and FreeBSD driver (which would also probably require the filesystem drivers, as ext4 isn't well supported on those either), but it's not easy."

For Windows, you mean like (previously

Comment Re: Ummm... (Score 1) 42

iTunes is available in South Africa (without any tricks, you pay in ZAR, vouchers are available in most stores ). I think some video content that is available in the US isn't available in the South African iTunes store due to regional exclusive rights belonging to other players (satellite providers such as DStv), but I believe all music is avilable.

Google Play Music and Amazon Prime aren't available. Spotify isn't available without DNS tricks, but Deezer is.

A few video streaming providers operate in SA, including the recently-launched Showmax.

Comment Re: Why would anyone roll out any technology... (Score 3, Insightful) 394

They didn't.

This is users complaining about change, not about poorly planned / executed change.

You always get these types, regardless of the type of change ( upgrade, change of vendors etc.), because they don't care about business objectives or anyone /anything besides "what they are used to", regardless of the effort that was put in to prepare them for the change.

Comment Re: Translations (Score 5, Insightful) 394

As far as I remember, their transition strategy started with deploying OpenOffice and Firefox on all Windows machines and making them the default, then removing MS Office a few months later, then switching the OS a year later while keeping most applications the same.

IOW it is almost impossible that the users didn't have a word processor available or know how to use it, or even if it was the case, thus wasn't as a result of the OS change.

Not having Skype may be due to policy (which would apply regardless of OS), in favour of other privacy-respecting IM platform.

Comment Re: Windows sounds easier to update than Debian. (Score 1) 187

1) All other distros that are defaulting to systemd (Arch, Fedora/RHEL/CentOS, Opensuse, Mageia etc.) seem to have generated fewer uograde issues (percentage wise) than Debian. Maybe Debian rushed through the switch-to-systemd testing because they were stuck debating it for so long.
2) To be a vslid comparison, you shoulf have started with FreeBSD9, applied any customisations you had on your Debian installation, and then upgraded.

Systemd has some minor issues in some situations, bit on the whole I think it is a huge improvement (using it on multiple distros and multiple use cases such as office laptop, media player, home NAS/server, production servers at work).

Comment Re: Just goes to show you UNIX SUX (Score 1) 68

"I've never understood why DNS servers bother with zone transfers. These days, it would take an average admin three minutes to toss together something involving a cron job, rsync, and ssh"

So if you are an ISP providing a secondary DNS service, you're happy to create accounts with ssh/rsync access for 10 000 customers who all have more lax security than you do?

Talk about attack surface ... (even with forced command etc.).

That said, assuning the complexity isn't in serving thr afxr requests, I see no reason why the function to retrieve the zone needs to be inside the daemon listening on port 53. Of course it would need to trigger transfers based on notifies, but that could be done quite easily (a simple file or a named socket).

Comment Re: Isn't Flash extinct? (Score 1) 199

I use the vSphere Web console on Chrome/Linux, because it doesn't work with the npapi version of flash. There are still some things that the Web console doesn't do well (e.g. copy a generated mac address) that the thick client does better. But was the thick vSphere client available for OS X?

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation is a better in that regard, requires a (spice) plugin for the virtual kvm, but doesn't require flash.

The other thing I need flash for is submitting my tax return (in South Africa). About 4 or 5 years ago they used PDF forms (only fillable in the browser using Acrobat, no other PDF plugin would work). About 3 years ago their forms required Acrobat X (not available on Linux) or Flash > 11 (not available on Linux except with Chrome).

In this case I don't know what to hope for ... I don't want the hassle of booting up a windows VM to do my tax.

Comment Re: No hardware or software fault? (Score 1) 80

"no hardware or software fault occurred *on the spacecraft*"

There may have been a hardware or software fault on the ground, that resulted in an invalid command sequence. The desired behaviour in this case may be to enter a safe mode, so that you have a known means to recover (rather than bricking).

Comment Re: Systemd (Score 2, Interesting) 110

"Systemd is causing massive bloat in Linux."

One of the main objectives of systemd is to take advantage of linux-specific features (such as cgroups) that existed before systemd did.

The servers I am building at present have a minimum of 256GB ram, I couldn't care about a few MB of "bloat", what I *do* care about is resource limits at various levels, which cgroups gives me and systemd makes useable but default.

if you were trolling, you're the worst systemd troll I've seen this year.

Comment Re: People are scared of IPV6 (Score 1) 307

Did you actually bother reading up about IPv6 (like you probably had to to switch from IPX to TCP/IP)?

You can't just treat IPv6 as IPv4 with longer addresses, some concepts (such as broadcast address) simply don't exist in IPV4.

There are some very good free training materials available, such as from afrinic.

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