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Comment: Re:Eve players don't own any congressmen... (Score 2, Funny) 261

What evidence do you have that Goldman owns or exerts any influence over the US government? This kind of wild, un-sourced speculation is so rampant and accepted on /. that virtually any comment about corporate conspiracy gets at least a +1, Informative.

Comment: Re:A lawsuit? (Score 1) 835

by btellier (#25828005) Attached to: Interviewing Experienced IT People?

Funny, in Scandinavia when you apply for a job (at least at university), each applicant gets a list of every applicant, their names, ages, sexes and qualifications.

Really? So exactly why does the person's name (which may indicate race and religion) and sex need to be included? I don't, on principle, think it's wrong to see the other applicants' resumes, but why should name and sex be included? What possible good could come of this? I can see much harm and no good.

BTW, as a guy who got a high level IT position at 18 years old without college, I don't think age is necessarily an indicator of competence, but I'm willing to concede that one could make a case for it.

Consultants are mystical people who ask a company for a number and then give it back to them.