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Submission + - It's Official: Valve Releasing Linux Source Engine ( 1

l_bratch writes: "Valve Corporation has today rolled out their Steam Mac OS X client to the general public and confirmed something we have been reporting for two years: the Steam content delivery platform and Source Engine are coming to Linux. This news is coming days after we discovered proof in Steam's Mac OS X Client of Linux support and subsequently found more Linux references and even the unreleased Steam Linux client. The day has finally come and Linux gamers around the world have a reason to rejoice, as this is the biggest news for the Linux gaming community that sees very few tier-one titles."

Submission + - Kindle DX’s price will drop to fight IPad ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: There is a big rumor about the Amazon’s market strategy against IPad pre-order which will starts from this Friday 12th. If you planing to buy a Kindle or Kindle DX global wireless maybe it’s good thing to wait for a while at least until the end of IPad pre-sale period. Some said that maybe the Kindle DX’s price will drop 20% from it’s current price, it’s mean you can buy 9.7 inch reading screen e-book reader for only 400 USD ! Worth to wait isn’t it ?

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