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bsharitt's Journal: Slashdot problems and other stuff.

Journal by bsharitt

Is it just me, or has any one else has trouble with Slashdot comeing up all wrong. By wrong, I mean the stuff in the middle over lapping with the left sidebar stuff, and some times on comments the page doesn't render any data at the top at all. just green and grey bars going aross the page at the , although the comments usually still render then. I've only had the problem with Firefox 0.8 om Windows XP, although the only other browser I've used is Safari on Mac OS X, but it hasn't ever messed up.

While I'm talking about Slashdot, I submitted a story about prelimianry suppory for a native version of AbiWord a few days ago, and it's still pending. I with they'd make up their mind, since they won't approve or dissaproved it and there still hasn't been anything in the Apple section about this story either. Maybe they're waiting for a slow news day.

Finally, I've moved my blog to, incase anyone cares.

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Slashdot problems and other stuff.

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