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Comment: Re:Yo dawg, I heard (Score 1) 840

by bryz (#34620748) Attached to: Assange Secret Swedish Police Report Leaked

You know what, actually, after writing the title, I can't bring myself to do this. You all deserve better.

I think the replies somehow missed what you were going for so I'll do it for you: Yo Dawg, I heard you like leaks, so I put a leak on your leaks so you can leak while you leak. "embed image of Xzibit"

Comment: your crabapples are ap (Score 1) 249

by bryz (#29980030) Attached to: AT&T Sues Verizon Over "Map For That" Ads
i'm sorry you're wrong. If you compare verizon's maps here: you'll see the difference between normal digital service (1X) and their "broadband" 3g service (EVDO REVA / B / etc) It's just that the two maps are so similar that you may be getting confused. You can also get it explained/compared with AT&T, sprint, T-mo here:

How To Cut In Line and Not Get Caught 256

Posted by samzenpus
from the no-cuts dept.
ewenc writes "A psychology study of hundreds of people waiting for front-row access to U2 concerts points to the best ways to cut in line and not get caught. 'Super-fans' are most irked by queue-jumpers. People were equally peeved whether someone cut in front or behind, and cutters who jumped beside a friend were less likely to attract scorn."

+ - User impersonating another on a social network

Submitted by Bryant
Bryant (730558) writes "I run a on online "social networking" community. All that is required for people to register is an email address. Recently, someone has emailed me saying that someone is using her name on my community, and she asked me to remove the user's account. I don't want to be in the business of censorship in this community. So, I told her that I do not want to remove the user's account. I stated that it in theory could be another person who has the same name as her, e.g. John Smith. She replied saying that she is sure this person is maliciously using this account against her. And now she is threatening legal action. Does anyone know what the proper laws dictate in this instance? I certainly don't want to get involved in a legal matter, but I don't want to compromise my own morals on free speech either."

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