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Journal bryanthompson's Journal: Life... it's a kick in the head 2

My girlfriend's sister won an invention competition today. Basically, the kids find a problem, invent something to solve it, and then actually have to build it. I think it's a very cool idea, and it teaches all of the right parts of thinking through a problem.

Her invention, though... seems like it's encouraging the wrong thing. There's a kid in her class that's a little husky. It's hard for him to fit in desks. So, her invention was essentially a desk extender. When I see things that seem to make an unacceptable thing acceptable, i can't help but wonder about life. Maybe it's just me.

I gradumatated from the University of Phoenix, officially. I talked to both of my bosses about whether or not I should continue for my Bachelor's, and both (both highly educated) basically made it clear that I had a very good path with each of them as it is. So, would more education help? Definitely. But last week I found a gray hair, and I'm only 22 freaking years old. I will not kill myself to fit into the standard view of how much 'education' people need. Later this could come back to haunt me, but at the moment I'm a 22 year old homeowner with 5 (yes 5) years of full-time programming experience with a couple great companies. It's not like I slacked off and took the easy way out. Am I a little sensitive about this? Yeah, I am. I get the "oh, wow, you made it two whole years" look from some people I thought were friends, and it pisses me off a little bit.
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Life... it's a kick in the head

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