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Journal: D*gg: The New Scientologists?

Journal by bruthasj
Looks like the lawyers at d*gg are getting a bit heavy handed as of late. Several sites have been getting cease and desist letters because they use ``digg'' in the dns name. Website author of blogs about this, saying: has been around for exactly a year. I put it together one day because I found myself hitting d*, and many times a day and was tired of seeing duplicate stories.
Fast forward one year (a few weeks ago). We get a cease & desist letter from d*gg's lawyers. We're not the only ones. A few other d*gg community sites (,, have received the same letter and have shut down.

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Journal: First Journal Entry in a Hotspot

Journal by bruthasj

Here I am in the midst of a sea of people migrating to that long silver craft that will take us over to Osaka Japan. That's right, I'm sitting here in an airport's Wifi hotspot writing a journal entry on slashdot. Pitiful as it might seem.

I had to hack around their stupid gateway settings because it wasn't working at all! But, it's legitimate, since I registered with my account that I have with the local company.

Anyway, I'm going to Japan to have some meetings with my prime contractor. Hopefully we can get this LCD fab running in Taiwan.

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