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Comment Re:GPLv3 - the kiss of death (Score 1) 293

The GPLv3 is the best thing for free software, because it forces everything to be free. The rest will die a slow death due to feature and user attrition.

Like that time Windows and OS X used to roam the earth.

I greatly appreciate the open source development world, writing, funding and using it every day, but it will inevitably live in the shadows of the commercial world from a consumer perspective for reasons that have nothing to do with the source code or licence.

Comment Re:GPLv3 - the kiss of death (Score 1) 293

Just wanted to jump on the bandwagon and agree with your view on this matter. It's already hard enough to get your foot in the door for establishing a presence, and time/effort is a rare commodity such that people will discard an option if it looks like it's going to be more work on top of simply learning how to integrate it in to their project.

Likely someone will end up writing a BSD-modified/Apache/MIT licenced implementation of this and *maybe* from that the standard might have more success in gaining a foothold (assuming there isn't cloud of subtly-broken implementations to poison the well), the downside for the original-standard though will be then that the majority of developers will be following someone else's developments.

All of my own FOSS projects have been set free in the world as BSD-modified.

Comment Nonsense (Score 1) 255

Sure, just like when they teached automotive repair in high school, every student left repairing their own cars!

And when they teached shop in middle school, every student left being able to build their own houses! Magnificent!

Just because something is force-taught to kids, does not mean the majority will pick it up after school. The vast majority will take their C+ or B-, move onto the next class, and forget everything they learned before the year is even over.

I agree that giving the kids the option to learn coding as part of school would be a step forward. So would bringing back shop and art class. But please let's not live in a dreamworld where every kid LOVES coding - it isn't going to happen.

Comment Distraction? (Score 2) 371

Putting all gender equality issues aside for a moment, I can't see how this would be anything but a distraction and counter-productive.

The last thing I would want in my office to aid productivity would be a ton of attractive females who have no job but to fawn over the males who are supposed to be working.... its total nonsense.

Sure, it might help them attract employees, but they will have to hire 2x to 3x the number of them to counteract the productivity hit.

Comment Re:Yes, they are employees (Score 0) 367

Many of the things you post above are false, because over 75% of drivers drive for Uber and Lyft simultaneously (source:

So yes, they can subcontract, and yes, they can offer services outside the Uber app. Furthermore, many (most?) contractors must follow specific procedures set forth by the contracting firm. I have in fact never heard of a contractor who can just deliver a deliverable in any form without following some type of procedure.

All of this is a moot point, because if it is true that 75% of Uber drivers are driving for Lyft at the same time, the idea they are Uber employees and not contractors is obviously nonsense.

Comment Re:Never understand jailbreaking an Apple iOS devi (Score 1) 217

Nearly all Android phones come carrier bootloader locked so I would hardly say they have a "different and open mentality".

Even Google's Nexus phones come with a locked bootloader that needs to be unlocked in order to root the phone and do the equivalent of what you do with a jailbroken iphone.

Comment Re:Never understand jailbreaking an Apple iOS devi (Score 2) 217

If you had ever used a jailbroken iPhone and realized the capabilities it unlocks, you would change your mind.

The idea that a jailbroken iPhone is more or less secure than an unjailbroken one is a fallacy. The people got this malware by downloading and installing pirated iOS applications that were infected with it - something that is ENABLED by jailbreaking. Just because a phone is jailbroken does not put it into some unsecure state, you have to do that yourself.

Comment Re: Ignorance? (Score 1) 237

The idea that a human is conscious 15 weeks after gestation is total poppycock. There are no observed behaviours AT ALL in the fetus at this point that aren't even exhibited by lower life. Unless you also claim worms are conscious, which implies almost every animal on earth is. That is a pretty broad definition of consciousness.

The truth is, ACTUALLY, traits affiliated with consciousness, such as recognizing ones self in the mirror, actually aren't exhibited in children until several months after birth. So if you're using that as a benchmark, then we would need to relabel killing one month old babies as animal cruelty.

Comment Re:"I wanted to work this weekend" (Score 1) 211

Which is exactly what the article said, that the GP ignored, and what I was replying to in my comment. No one was forced to work extra time that they didn't want to do. The GP basically asserted that no one would work extra time unless they were forced. I said, untrue.

Comment Re:Actually great UX for everyone else (Score 3, Interesting) 259

I can tell you didn't RTFA.

The whole point is pushing the button provides no immediate feedback at all. People are used to pushing a button doing something immediately, not pushing a button and *MAYBE* something happens 48 hours from now.

As such, these buttons are unlikely to gain any kind of popularity.

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