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Comment: Re:True to every corporation (Score 1) 548

by bruins01 (#38007966) Attached to: End Bonuses For Bankers

No, it most certainly is a property of capitalism. Or are you going to try and tell me that trying to gain an advantage by bribing politicians is somehow not a property of capitalism?

If the Federal government were limited per the Founders' intent (most everything handled at the State level), then the Federal politicians wouldn't have the power to grant you your every whim if you handed them a pile of money.

By allowing the Federal government nearly unlimited power to do good, you also allow it nearly unlimited power to do evil.

And guess which side has more money to bribe politicians?

Why does it matter if the bribe-able politicians work on the federal level or the state level? If those powers were given to the states, then the states' politicians would be the ones being bribed. The result is the same.

The libertarian argument that the federal government should be considerably weaker and that state governments should be considerably stronger in its stead makes no sense to me whatsoever. And I live in one of the very wealthy states that would probably benefit from such a change.

Comment: Re:Law of thermodynamics violation? (Score 1) 820

by bruins01 (#30277436) Attached to: Scientists Create Artificial Meat
It does take around 10 calories' worth of nutrients to make one calorie of meat. But that's because the other nine calories are used in various other metabolic processes important for the animal to live. If you're just growing meat, you don't need most of those metabolic processes to happen.

Animals are very inefficient growers of meat. The idea behind this effort (besides the animal treatment issues) is that we are eventually going to be capable of creating machines that can grow meat much more efficiently than animals can. There's little reason why we can't shoot for very close to 100% meat-growing efficiency.

Comment: Re:You and your two party system (Score 1) 129

by bruins01 (#26514259) Attached to: Stimulus Bill Contains Net Neutrality Provision
No, the correct phrase is "under Democratic control." "Democrat" is a noun, not an adjective. It is the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party, as Bush and rather immature Republicans like to say. The GP confused "Democratic" as it appears in the summary with "democratic" which is a different word.

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