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Comment: Re:US telecoms are quite... peculiar (Score 1) 207

by brue68 (#21487765) Attached to: The Cultures of Texting In Europe and America
maybe it's just my area, but in the Petersburg area of Virginia (US) I can tell who's using a mobile by the first three numbers (though admittedly I haven't memorized the first three digits of all the carriers, they are different from the first three digits of the landlines)

so, there's the area code (804) and then the seven digit number. for Verizon in this area, the first three digits of the seven digit number can be 586, 731, etc. (1-804-586-XXXX)

the local numbers will start with 991, 526, 732, 861, etc. (1-804-526-XXXX)

at least that's my understanding.

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