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Comment: Re:Restoration (Score 2) 71

It takes that long because trying to keep every tiny porthole and edge in the exact same place, and the paint work the specific colour so that that geeks and nerds don't write up 1000 pages on their blog about the horrific damage and destruction.

It took a couple of weeks to build because the model maker had a rough guide of x decks and y windows and slapped it together from bits and pieces and painted it to work on the screen. The poor restorer has to keep that work accurate.

Comment: Re:Trust us with your payments (Score 1) 729

by bruce_the_loon (#47865343) Attached to: Apple Announces Smartwatch, Bigger iPhones, Mobile Payments

As long as the rotation pattern isn't discernible from past numbers and the number is only valid for a single transaction, then collisions shouldn't be a security issue. In fact not letting the full 1000 numbers cycle before re-randomizing the list would probably be a good thing.

As long as the randomization isn't predictable, and attempting to process a transaction with an invalid CVV forces a regeneration of a new one, it could be an incredibly hard system to crack. Then again, they could just be using a statically salted rand() call :)

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by bruce_the_loon (#47809295) Attached to: Uber Now Blocked All Over Germany

It's because society has spent centuries observing how immoral individuals use lack of regulation to rape, pillage and torment those less capable of defending themselves, whether it be via trade, relationships or employment, and has decided as a group to regulate those areas to protect those incapable of protecting themselves.

Yes, some regulations go too far, and others don't go far enough, and a lot are outdated because society evolves too fast. But it is needed, and changes are needed too.

If German society as a whole thinks Uber is getting a bum deal with this ruling, then they must tell the authorities in no uncertain terms that they think that. Not just a vocal minority as is happening now. If the majority don't do so when given the opportunity, then they do have concerns about clean and safe vehicles and properly trained drivers which Uber needs to address before society will trust them.

Comment: Re:Are Mastercard paying for the privilege? (Score 2) 62

by bruce_the_loon (#47804599) Attached to: New Nigerian ID Card Includes Prepay MasterCard Wallet

Is MasterCard a bank or a franchise? In South Africa, I cannot get a MasterCard or Visa that isn't an offering by a separate financial services provider, unlike American Express or Diner's Club. MasterCard gets transaction fees from vendors and the annual anniversary fee from myself. The FSP holds the account and the actual credit/debit balance.

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Not defending the cop, but have a read of the law itself, not the FAQ.

Paragraph e in the section permits it for emergency services personnel in the course of their duties.

A lot of road rules have emergency services exclusions. e.g. driving against the flow of traffic, ignoring control and command signs and lights, ignoring speed limits etc. They ARE expected to be trained to do so safely and only when absolutely unavoidable. If the LA County Sheriff's Department didn't instruct the deputy properly, then they should be held liable.

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Some of us do understand it. Others define it as a copyable bunch of electrons because that allows them to steal movies and TV shows and games without listening to their conscience.

Others, like myself, understand digital is still property, but do it anyway because our own countries don't show these things on anything like an acceptable schedule. And we partly mollify our consciences by buying the DVDs later.

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