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Comment: Overblown concern by the anonymous submitter (Score 4, Insightful) 90

Firstly, this isn't a general law, it's an amendment to the law governing foreign sales of military technology. It only applies if a specific technology is classified as solely defense or strategic. Yes that classification can be manipulated, but a court would have to be convinced that the classification is valid.

Secondly, the bill isn't doing away with the presumption of innocence globally. It is saying that if a person selling the regulated technology relies on the exceptions and regulations to decide whether it is safe to supply technology, that they have documented that reliance properly. Basically they want people to do their homework before handing classified military information over to a foreign actor. Seems fair enough.

Comment: Re:I agree (Score 1) 523

by bruce_the_loon (#48486829) Attached to: Finland Dumps Handwriting In Favor of Typing

Generalize much? Things are never the same for everybody. I haven't done joined-up writing since the beginning of high school, but my time to write the same sentence is currently about 40% faster in rough print against illegible cursive. Maybe if you're comparing it to formal block writing like you do on a form, but not for note-taking rough printing.

If my cursive was several times faster, I'd set fire to the paper with the friction.

Comment: Re:These idiots are going to ruin it for everyone (Score 2) 132

by bruce_the_loon (#48376675) Attached to: Drone Sightings Near Other Aircraft Up Dramatically

Not an engine incident, but a bird strike that forced a medical chopper to land yesterday.

Also, search for images for bird strike helicopter and see what shows up. Some serious damage.

Comment: Re:In the uk (Score 1) 461

by bruce_the_loon (#48348301) Attached to: Washington Dancers Sue To Prevent Identity Disclosure

; and unlike gun owners who managed to get carry permit applications exempt, the lack a powerful lobby.

Except for Justices Cummerbund, Letcher and Ogler who would be quite upset if Candy and Tandy disappears from their local joint because they got harassed by a bible-thumper trying to SAVE them.

Comment: Re:Disgusting (Score 3, Informative) 164

Constrictors are able to regurgitate their meal in a danger situation. If they succeed in getting the snake to swallow an uncrushable prey item in the first place, it's pretty easy to corner it, provide a visual threat and have it regurgitate him.

Youtube clip of one getting rid of a dog.

Comment: Re:We can do that thing you like (Score 1) 230

by bruce_the_loon (#48264639) Attached to: Windows 10 Gets a Package Manager For the Command Line

De-duplication doesn't work that way. The system tracks duplicates at block level and if a configured cluster size of blocks is identical, the file block stream is chained through a single copy of the blocks. If a new version of the file appears, it will fail the block check and will have space allocated to it. If more copies of the new version then appear, they will be chained through the single copy of the new version.

If you delete a single instance of a de-duped file, it is handled the same way as multiple hard links to a file on a unix file system. The FAT entry (if you don't mind the archaic reference) is removed and the reference count to the data is decreased by one. No blocks are freed for overwrite if other FAT entries reference the blocks. So NO, an installer deleting one instance of a de-duped DLL will not remove the contents of the file from disk as the blocks are referenced by other files.

Be careful when a loop exits to the same place from side and bottom.