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Submission + - Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: High-tech search tools->

RLDavid writes: (CNN) — Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 said good night, then drifted off over the darkened seas, somehow bypassing that vast spiderweb of modern technology that catches every move of worldwide aviation. Yet now, high technology seems the only way of tracking down where on Earth the plane ended up.

Well, could they find something in short time ? We all hope so ....
These multimillion dollars high-tech tools, are they searching in the right places or still they are not sure !
May you have your comments ...

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Submission + - New Apache Allura project for project development hosting->

brondsem writes: Today the Apache Software Foundation announced the Allura project for hosting software development projects. Think GitHub or SourceForge on your own servers — Allura has git, svn, hg, wiki, tickets, forums, news, and more. It's written in python and has a modular and extensible platform so you can write your own tools and extensions. It's already used by SourceForge, DARPA, German Aerospace Center, and Open Source Projects Europe. Allura is open source; available under the Apache License v2.0. When you don't want all your project resources in the cloud on somebody else's walled garden, you can run Allura on your own servers and have full control and full data access.
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Submission + - Finding private demographics via facebook friends->

brondsem writes: "Sexual preference of a facebook user (when not explicitly revealed) can be determined by analyzing their friends sexual preferences when those are available. Published in the First Monday journal. (Via summary at"
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