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Submission + - How to keep cloud data encrypted without cross-platform pain? 2

bromoseltzer writes: I use cloud storage to hold many gigs of personal files that I'd just as soon were not targets for casual data mining. (Google: I'm thinking of you.) I want to access them from Linux, Windows, and Android devices. I have been using encfs, which does the job for Linux fairly well (despite some well known issues), but Windows and Android don't seem to have working clients. I really want to map a file system of encrypted files and encrypted names to a local unencrypted filesystem — the way encfs works. What solutions do Slashdot readers recommend?

Ideal would be a competitive cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive that provides trustworthy encryption with suitable clients. Is there anything like that?

Submission + - Bernie Sanders, H-1B skeptic

Presto Vivace writes: Will the Vermont senator raise the visibility of the visa issue with his presidential run?

The H-1B visa issue rarely surfaces during presidential races, and that's what makes the entrance by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) into the 2016 presidential race so interesting. ... ...Sanders is very skeptical of the H-1B program, and has lambasted tech firms for hiring visa workers at the same time they're cutting staff. He's especially critical of the visa's use in offshore outsourcing.

Comment Headline Creep (Score 1) 60

"Cosmologists Find..." makes a snappy headline, but TFA is right - the discoverers were astronomers. Those galaxies are far away, but probably not at _cosmological_ distances, i.e. comparable to the scale of the universe. The scale of astronomy is mostly << scale of cosmology.

Comment How lethal are GRBs? (Score 4, Interesting) 237

The abstract doesn't say how bad it is to be hit by a GRB beam. GRBs don't last for more than a couple of minutes. It seems that would fry the side of the planet facing the GRB, but the other side would be shielded from much of the radiation. So you zap half the lifeforms and maybe you boil some ocean. No doubt it's unpleasant on the dark side, but is it lethal?

Comment NK NAT (Score 1) 159

Clearly, you can NAT an entire nation! IT JUST WORKS!

(Of course, the fact that one of the most reclusive and oppressive nations in the world is using this isn't a shining endorsement, but still....)

Sure, but your big NK router only has 64K ports per external IP address. It will probably croak well before it has 64K NAT sessions going, though.

Comment Re: Running your own server (Score 1) 435

There are at least 2 issues with cloud mail like gmail -- having GBs of mail archive sitting there (the static problem) and you have email coming & going over SMTP (dynamic). Got to deal with both. Unfortunately, you probably do need a first class (authenticated) SMTP relay for reliable outgoing mail. Tanstaafl!

Comment Running your own server (Score 2) 435

I just replaced my Google Mail account with a Raspberry Pi running Postfix and Dovecot. It does the job, if you don't get more than a few messages per minute. My motivation is to reduce my Internet Data Footprint -- the amount of stuff that is available to Google, NSA, et al to paw through. It uses trivial power, so there's no issue running 24/7. (If you're thinking about this, I'd recommend the BeagleBone Black - a lot faster for $10 more.)

The worst downside (besides having to set up and manage the thing) is spam control. Gmail is excellent at this, and Postfix/Amavis/Spamassassin only catches a fraction of the incoming bad stuff. There are cloud services for spam filtering, but they seem expensive for a single user.

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