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Submission Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage Antipiracy Catches Non Pirates-> 2

ciscoguy01 writes: The Microsoft WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) antipiracy program aims to reduce software piracy.
I needed a driver for my Microsoft hardware. I went to Microsoft's download site, found the needed driver and started the download. As a Firefox user I was prompted to download the genuinecheck.exe program to verify I hadn't pirated Microsoft Windows. No problem. It's a PITA but what the heck. I needed the driver. The genuinecheck.exe program I downloaded is here:
I ran it, and it said "This version of the Windows Genuine Advantage Tool is expired. Please download a new version". The problem is there is no new version.
This program failure prevents all Microsoft customers from downloading needed software without using the IE ActiveX solution which I am not willing to use. This has been going on for several weeks and there are a number of posts on the Microsoft support forums about this, but Microsoft either has not woken up to the fact their standalone tool has expired.
I tried but was unable to reach anyone at Microsoft that can update the standalone tool, but I did get an offshore support tech who offered to charge me $99 to solve the problem. Heh.
I told him I would help Microsoft solve the problem of an expired file on their web server for $99.

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I also think it's interesting. But just because someone thinks it's interesting doesn't mean they have to be your dedicated points counter. If you want that so dearly, no one is stopping you.

Good thing everyone doesn't like the same thing; the world would be very boring otherwise.

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