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Comment: Re:more anti-consumer 'choice' in the market (Score 3, Informative) 73

by brjndr (#34762688) Attached to: OnLive To Be Built Into Vizio Devices

1. get on a treadmill that gets harder and harder to get off each time a new game is purchased, because if a subscription is ever canceled all purchased games are gone forever.


perhaps the terms have changed since the last time I looked at this, but I doubt it.

They have changed, there is no subscription fee anymore.

Comment: Re:Because the goverment doesn't mandate it (Score 1) 631

by brjndr (#31545136) Attached to: Company Sued, Loses For Not Using Patented Tech

A working safety feature exists, so why is it not implemented?

Take at look at this article, seems like their motivations was "If [they] all stick together and don't license this product, the industry can argue that everybody rejected it so it obviously wasn't viable, thereby limiting any legal liability the industry might face as a result of the new technology."

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