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Comment Intelligence (Score 4, Interesting) 161

Perhaps it's just a matter of intelligence. The first game was won by the smart players. In the second game the smart ones saw the cheating opportunity and took it (perhaps even correctly deducig that that was the point of the experiment).

The stupid players saw no opportunity and no point.

So the experiment is interesting but the conclusions could be all wrong,..

Comment Clickbait for techies (Score 1) 75

Just add a few hyped tech subjects together in one subject line and you're sure to get your clicks!

Why not add 'self driving' as well. 3D printed self driving cars that you order and find their way to your doorstep without human intervention! Profit!

In reality, as every 3D printer owner knows, 3D printers are just great for prototyping one offs. As soon as you want volumes you turn to different modes of production.

Comment Wired is king (Score 2) 67

In my experience wifi is a bit too unreliable to run your IoT applications on. Wifi links can be unreliable and anyone could DDOS your IoT application from a (relatively) safe distance and it's a real bummer if you can't enter your house when you need to because the rfid reader/finger print scanner can't contact your door latch. Therefore (been there done that) I prefer a good wired ethernet solution. Personally I use the openpicus flyport ethernet for such applications. Small, cheap and rock solid. But I'd prefer a compact wired Arduino so I can run my state machine library on it.

I guess competition is good, but the Arduino trademark stuff is a bit annoying.

Comment Turn it off (Score 5, Insightful) 265

Problem with these commercial products is that they want to prove their usefulness be regularly raising alarms. And, they miss essential features like IP based whitelisting. Portscans and probes are to standard to be bothered about, just block and forget.

Use a decent open source product like pfsense instead. I've had an appliance with pfsense for years and I forget it's even there.

(no commercial interest, just a satisfied customer)

Comment Re:Unison (Score 1) 748

Not just almost an A.I. Driving in interaction with human drivers requires nothing less than an A.I. Problem is I haven't seen anything remotely resembling an A.I. outside Hollywood.

Of course if we have an A.I. we must program it to obey Asimov's three laws of robotics.

This article describes another related conundrum:

Comment Re:Post-attack 'responsibility' NOISE (Score 1) 728

"If any 'claim of responsibility' emerged hours or days after a terrorist attack it would be treated with the utmost suspicion. Even if transmitted directly to them, news networks would notify the authorities of course, but they might not even report it publicly. Unless a phone call or fax was received at the moment of breaking news, some times even minutes before, the information was deemed to be zero-credible or less than zero, more likely than not the work of a crank. And news sources were generally averse to being cranked."

Some times yes, some scepticism is in order. In the case of the downed Russian plane, I'd even agree. But in this case, no. If you can't tell the difference too bad for you. It's obvious the IS claim is genuine, at very least it's a similar islamic group. Who do you want to blame? The Russians?

Comment Re:Why is the Left so fiercely defending Islamism? (Score 1) 728

Mod this guy up, this is one of the most maddening aspects of western society. Why must this fascist religion be defended so fanatically by the left?

There are 13 countries in which atheism is punishable by death. They are all muslim states!

Islam is religious fascism.

Comment Re:I wouldn't put it past Putin (Score 2) 289

why are the British and Americans so certain of evidence of a bomb declaring they detected a heat flash and cancelling flights and so forth?

If the heat flash had been a bomb they should've seen another one when the plane crashed into the ground and the fuel ignited. So seeing one heat flash would actually suggest to me it wasn't a bomb.

Cancelling flights is exactly what you expect to happen in the aftermath of MH17. The authorities will be overly careful.

Same happened after the failed attack on the Thalys high speed train. The next time somebody hid in a toilet everyone immediately assumed it was another terrorist. This is the way of public servants.

Comment Remember China Airlines flight 611 (Score 5, Interesting) 289

Don't discount the possibility of an accident. Something very similar happened to China Airlines flight 611

A tail section badly repaired after a minor accident came off in mid-air. The airplane spun out of control and disintegrated before crashing into the ground. That fits this accident very well.

Without conclusive evidence of a bomb, I would be very careful to scream terrorism. Terrorists claiming responsibility doesn't mean a thing without evidence.

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