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+ - Trolling Telemarkers - Getting Revenge and a lot of laughs->

Submitted by Anthony Minessale
Anthony Minessale (3662225) writes "If you ever wanted revenge on a telemarketer wasting your time; Enjoy this 1 hour troll where we did an improvisational portrayal of the unwitting customer they hoped to reach and gain access to their computer. Later in the video you get live screen footage after Brian manages to setup a Virtual PC and actually allow the guy to connect."
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+ - Barracuda Networks Connects FLASH To SIP for FREE->

Submitted by
anthm writes "Barracuda Networks Inc. Has donated the new mod_rtmp for FreeSWITCH an open source telephony platform. Using the module, you can connect a web page to your server and make phone calls that can gateway to and from SIP or other protocols or just call a conference or other voice app on the FreeSWITCH server. The module is licensed under the MPL and is freely available as part of the FreeSWITCH source tree."
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Comment: Its a great start but not usable yet! (Score 3, Informative) 179

by briankwest (#33650448) Attached to: Codec2 — an Open Source, Low-Bandwidth Voice Codec
I have been working on mod_codec2.c for FreeSWITCH, which is committed in a WIP module. The library for codec2 isn't a library at all just yet. I'm working with David and Bruce to make sure we can get a working libcodec2 in place ASAP so we have a real VoIP demo that people can compile, call and test against. /b

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