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Comment: So the value of the lectures diminished? (Score 1) 416

by briancox2 (#48575035) Attached to: MIT Removes Online Physics Lectures and Courses By Walter Lewin
I don't think MIT really gets what their lectures mean to the world. They aren't about a Puritan representation of the institution itself. They are about offering knowledge to the world, including poverty stricken areas whose culture may not yet have evolved to look down upon catcalling.

Comment: Re:We really must blame someone? (Score 1) 342

by briancox2 (#48070049) Attached to: Blame Tech Diversity On Culture, Not Pipeline
My wife is a nurse. And neither of us have heard of any dedicated effort to hire men and encourage men to pursue education in the field of nursing. Do you have a link for one that has a significant exposure? Because my lack of finding any makes me believe that our culture doesn't care about the idea too much. That's all my point was.

I graduated with an Engineering degree in 2011 from a major state university. There were groups, posters and promotions ALL over campus to encourage women to be a part of every field of STEM. I never saw a single one encouraging a man to be a nurse, psychologist or educator.

I'm not against being educated about this interest in promoting men to be nurses. Please, help me get rid of this ignorance. Show me.

Comment: We really must blame someone? (Score 2, Interesting) 342

by briancox2 (#48062731) Attached to: Blame Tech Diversity On Culture, Not Pipeline
Is it not even remotely possible that it could be caused by a naturally occurring preference of one gender to enjoy the field and a preference for another field to not find the activity as fulfilling?

You'll never see this kind of desperate hand-wringing over the lack of diversity in the nursing field for the last 100 years. But that's because we have a current sociological neurosis that says we have to force women into every field whether they want it or not. And we don't care what men do as long as they aren't getting in the way of women.

I know that sounds intolerably cruel and snide, but I really don't mean it that way in the slightest. It's a very accurate analysis of attitudes that I see in our current culture. And if people would be honest with themselves, I think they could see that. They have justifications for that attitude. But they still have it.

Comment: Re:This is insane... (Score 1) 76

by briancox2 (#48058287) Attached to: JP Morgan Chase Breach Compromised Data of 76 Million Households
I wasn't referring to transactions where a card is physically present. I'm talking about the online use of the information where the only thing required is a static set of numbers. But I would also like to see disposable (one-use) numbers available for physical transactions using my phone as a 2-factor auth.

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