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Comment: Re:The govenment should just double spending. (Score 2) 767

by brentonboy (#45157151) Attached to: Shutdown Cost the US Economy $24 Billion

In other words, when it says it "cost the economy $24 Billion," what it really means is that the US government spent $24 billion less than it would have otherwise.

If that really was the problem, it could be fixed with a bill to buy $24 billion worth of paperclips.

Am I the only one who thinks we're approaching this backwards?

Comment: Re:The plaintext passwords isn't the issue (Score 1) 482

by brentonboy (#44502159) Attached to: Chrome's Insane Password Security Strategy

Why not just use KeePass or LastPass? Occam's Razor suggests it. In other words, why reinvent a wheel that has already been invented?

I do. It's a huge pain. It would be "simpler" to have it built-in to my browser. But there must be a reason Google hasn't done it. (Other than "LastPass already exists".)

Comment: The plaintext passwords isn't the issue (Score 2) 482

by brentonboy (#44501101) Attached to: Chrome's Insane Password Security Strategy

Sure, it's shocking for someone who thought their passwords were safe in Chrome to realize that they're visible with four clicks. But the real issue is that Chrome passwords aren't really stored safely. If you get a virus on your system, it has full access to the passwords.

Honest question: why doesn't Chrome implement something similar to KeePass or LastPass? Is there some technical reason? Is it astoundingly difficult? Does it not actually provide additional security against malware?

Comment: Re:Has nothing to do with evolution (Score 1) 121

I think there's a difference between breeding and evolution. Breeding plays with existing traits and amplifies/changes them. Evolution actually creates something new. You can't "breed" a dog to have wings or gills or anything that the ancestor wolves didn't have. But you can play with size and hair length and things like that.

Comment: What did that one computer spit out it's CD tray? (Score 1) 341

by brentonboy (#41757021) Attached to: Boeing's CHAMP Missile Uses Radio Waves To Remotely Disable PCs

In the video when the microwaves hit, one of the computers ejects it's CD tray and something falls out. What was it? What could cause that to happen? Did something trigger the eject functionality, or was it caused by overheating pieces inside somehow?

Comment: Re:Standard practice? (Score 1) 192

by brentonboy (#40262619) Attached to: LinkedIn Password Leak: Salt Their Hide

I never give security questions the kind of thing they ask for. If they want my mother's maiden name, they might get "Cheverolet Caprice" (a car I have never owned), or the name of the neighbors's dog that I hate. I really doubt that they are going to check to see if I gave a valid name.

Actually, I do this too. But I'm betting a lot of LinkedIn users don't.

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