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+ - History repeats itself: KDP Select is's "Payback for Playback"->

Submitted by
brennanw writes "Anyone who was active on during the late 90s/early 2000's will find's KDP Select awfully familiar: authors who make their works exclusive to Amazon compete for a pool of money. Any time someone "borrows" one of their books, they get a cut of a monthly sum (700K in January, 600K for February) based on how many of their books were checked out vs. how many other author's books were checked out. This is almost identical to the "Payback for Playback" service provided musicians a little over a decade ago. Payback for Playback effectively destroyed the original artist community, and I don't think KDP Select is going to be much different for the self-publishing community that is growing on Amazon."
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+ - Certifiably Insane->

Submitted by brennanw
brennanw (5761) writes "What happens when a guy who barely knows how to keep his website running finds out about Firesheep? After a mild panic attack, he tries to purchase a certificate and enable SSL. It sounds like the setup to a Youtube sit-com, and now that I'm writing this summary I wish I'd made the actual article funnier."
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It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - predicts 2007

Submitted by
brennanw writes "This is the time of year when computer journalists lean back in their chairs and pontificate endlessly on the top ten products of the year... and then go on to make keen, insightful predictions on the year to come (for example, Infoworld's mind-boggling prediction that Computers are going to get faster). Not to be outdone by amateurs, makes it's own predictions for the coming year, with such hard-hitting and insightful gems as 'Computers will continue to require electricity,' 'Richard Stallman will piss somebody off,' and 'Slashdot will refuse to acknowledge my greatness.'"

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