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Comment: Re:Speaking as a grumpy (Score 1) 120

by bregmata (#47760735) Attached to: The Grumpy Programmer has Advice for Young Computer Workers (Video)

So, given the rapid speed of change in the landscape of IT industry, I have to wonder how relevant our experiences and lessons would be to the young'uns.

There's no point in telling the younger folk anything, they already know it all. Wait until they're older with a little more experience and find out they still have much to learn.

Comment: Re:Maybe Ubuntu Will See The Light (Score 1) 681

Ubuntu already saw the light and is pushing even harder towards convergence.

With Microsoft announcing their going to have different UIs for different form factors, and Apple going as far as having completely different OSes under thei different UIs on different form factors, the only true convergence story left standing is Ubuntu. One Unity, one experience, on all different form factors.

Let the market decide.

Comment: Only if Jar Jar is back (Score 1) 403

by bregmata (#47057743) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can <em>Star Wars Episode VII</em> Be Saved?

Please please make sure Jar Jar comes back. He was what made episodes I and II. I'm so looking forward to getting my picture taken with him, and maybe R2D2 in mouse ears, at Walt Disney World.

I hope they do up a Tattooine cantina as a family-style restaurant and some animatronic singing Ewoks having a hoe-down would be most excellent. Maybe they could transform that Epcot sphere into a deathstar for the lulz and have daily incinerations of the Canada pavilion.

It'll be the swagalicious product that will remake Episodes VII-IX what the originals were: a massive toy sales ad campaign. Nobody does that better than Disney. Nobody. Mees-a thinks-a so.

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by bregmata (#46824151) Attached to: I expect to retire ...

Most of the 1% to .1% are nothing more than hardworking Americans with a Calvinistic work ethic who have been successful. It is easy to do the math and realize how a two income family can break into the 1% territory after a couple of decades of hard work and fiscally conservative habits. Socially and economically, they are nothing like the top .1%.

Yes indeed, fully 60% of Americans are in the top 1%.

Comment: Strength is weakness (Score 1) 155

by bregmata (#46585769) Attached to: Canonical's Troubles With the Free Software Community

Yes, damn Canonical for not toeing the party line as set forth by the self-appointed central committee of the supreme soviet who decide what The Software should be. The whole gang of miscreants should be banished to the gulag until reeducated properly to the free market, that is to say the market fee of competitive ideas. Only then will the One True Way be realized. Until then, they are stealing bread from the mouths of our software children.

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