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+ - Webcasters call bunk on SoundExchange DRM ploy->

Submitted by
RadioFan writes "The settlement between webcasters and SoundExchange is starting to come apart at the seams, because everyone is realizing that SoundExchange wants to force DRM on Net Radio. DiMA, one of the largest Net Radio lobbyists, has fired back at Sound Exchange, calling them out for leveraging high royalty fees to push through DRM requirements that they failed to obtain in Congress via broadcast flag and anti-recording legislation. Was this whole thing a ruse to get DRM on net radio?"
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Operating Systems

+ - DST Update Test Page

Submitted by
Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams writes "Using some fancy javascript I came up with a neat way to check if you have the DST patch. This works for the US (DST) and Europe (summertime). I looked around and was surprised that none of the OS vendors had thought of (or implemented) this. You can check your desktops, servers, phones — nearly anything with a web browser — for DST07 status at"

+ - New, "More Reliable" Wikipedia Planned

Submitted by
Steevven1 writes "Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger plans to launch a new, free online encyclopedia that's "more reliable than Wikipedia" under the name "Citizendium." Critics have long complained about Wikipedia's lack of reliable information, and Citizendium's solution is to make everyone register their real name and to have experts as chief editors. Will Citizendium become a more reliable source of information for students and the general public, or will its stricter rules and need for expert editors make it impossible to get off the ground?"

Music Execs Say Apple's DRM Hurting Industry 405

Posted by Zonk
from the reference-the-pot-and-the-kettle's-similar-color-here dept.
EMB Numbers writes "C-Net says last year saw a 131 percent jump in digital sales, but overall the industry still saw about a 4 percent decline in revenue. Some executives at this week's Digital Music Forum East conference lashed out at Jobs, blaming Apple and its CEO for their troubles. The impression at the conference was that Jobs' call three weeks ago for DRM-free music was anything but sincere. As the article puts it, 'Apple has maintained a stranglehold on the digital music industry by locking up iTunes music with DRM ... and "it's causing everybody else who is participating in the marketplace — the other service providers, the labels, the users — a lot of pain. If they could simply open it up, everybody would love them.""

Free Global Virtual Scientific Library 113

Posted by kdawson
from the free-as-in-research dept.
Several readers wrote in with news of the momentum gathering behind free access to government-funded research. A petition "to create a freely available virtual scientific library available to the entire globe" garnered more than 20,000 signatures, including several Nobel prize winners and 750 education, research, and cultural organizations from around the world. The European Commission responded by committing more than $100 million towards support for open access journals and for the building of infrastructure needed to house institutional repositories able to store the millions of academic articles written each year. In the article Michael Geist discusses the open access movement and its critics.

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