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Comment: Re:Disable the RFID (Score 2, Informative) 214

by breaston (#17135268) Attached to: Would You Trust RFID-Enabled ATM Cards?
I just happen to have been doing some research in a closely related subject, the new passports.

If you want information from the industry side, go look at: Smart Card Alliance. They provide a wealth of information on the subject.
There is also a paper on "contactless" smartcard security.

From the other side, you can read the paper on "Relay Attacks" by Kfir and Wool.
There is also a piece in the New York Times.

Most credit card companies are going to be coming out with these cards. This is what the MasterCard PayPass commercials are about. The main issues will be with the way the individual banks implement security. They aren't supposed to transmit your name, or provide the number from your card. What you are hearing about are the situations where the security wasn't implemented. I'm not saying there aren't concerns.

My question is what is going to happen when we have three of these cards in our wallet and we go to pay. Do we get prompted for which one to use? On a further note. It looks like they want to put the chip in your cell phone and you would be able to select your method of payment from your phone.

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